The xx debut new song ‘Swept Away’ live in L.A. [Video]

Earlier this month, fans were treated to a fully-fleshed taste of The xx‘s much-awaited sophomore album, Coexist (out September 10th), with “Angels“. As it turns out, exactly a week after that release, Jamie, Romy and Oliver debuted another cut from their new LP by performing track number 10, “Swept Away”, at a gig at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on July 23rd.

Having somehow sneaked under our radar, today we bring you footage of this portion of the set. The track appears to contain that familiar melodic moodiness which was so key to “Angels” and the band’s first self-titled album, but is encouraged to an upped tempo thanks to a House-esque rhythm setting the pace in the backdrop. Sim promised a change in mood on Coexist, did he not?

Give “Swept Away” a listen below and stay tuned for more details on The xx’s upcoming project. Let’s hope this one finds it way to the iTunes store soon.

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