The Winner’s Circle – 368 FTW Vol. 1 | Free Download

368 FTW Vol. 1 is a brand new mixtape for free download from The Winner’s Circle, a hungry DMV crew composed of the entire roster from Raheem Devaughn‘s 368 Music label.

Their debut project released in conjuction with DJBooth, 368 FTW Vol. 1 takes its name from the three digits used to spell “DMV” on a telephone keypad and features 22 brand new tracks from Raheem DeVaughn, Phil Adé, Dee Boy, Da Phuture and Stello.

DJ Money, who mixed the street album, makes the sole outside guest appearance with beats by Mark Henry, Thelonious Dre, Sakwe and Arsonal.


Track list:

1. Lamont King Intro
02. 368 Killin’ ‘Em (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Phil Adé, Dee Boy, Da Phuture)
03. Til the Lights Come On (ft. DJ Money, Phil Adé, Raheem DeVaughn, Dee Boy, Stello)
04. Science vs. Prophecy (ft. Stello)
05. Miss Me (ft. Da Phuture, Dee Boy)
06. Bring it Back (ft. Dee Boy)
07. (We) Got Caught Skit
08. From the Cops (ft. Phil Adé, Da Phuture, Dee Boy)
09. Loud (ft. Da Phuture)
10. Put U On (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Da Phuture, Dee Boy, Phil Adé, Stello)
11. Power (ft. Phil Adé
12. 368 Swag (ft. Dee Boy, Da Phuture, Phil Adé)
13. 88 (ft. Stello)
14. Fancy (ft. Phil Adé)
15. Light Up (ft. Raheem DeVaughn)
16. BMF (ft. Dee Boy)
17. Stupid Dope Move (ft. Da Phuture)
18. Flamatory the Tropical Pimp Skit
19. My Team On (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Dee Boy, Stello, Da Phuture)
20. Single (ft. Raheem DeVaughn)
21. What It Look Like (ft. Dee Boy)
22. What Dreams Are Made of (The Winner’s Circle)

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