The Weeknd – “Get In There” (Unreleased) | New Music

Regardless of whether it’s actually “new” or not, anytime fresh material from The Weeknd arrives, the internet (Tumblr notwithstanding) goes nuts. Abel Tesfaye‘s adoring following may place his three existing releases, House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, on an aloof musical pedestal, but how many fans can claim to own his very first song?

Surfacing online today, “Get In There” is said to be the XO singer’s very first recording, dating back to around late 2006, early 2007. It’s clear he still boasted those same impassioned, Michael Jackson-esque vocal chords early on, but what’s most striking is the shift in production.

If you recall, The Weeknd and producer Jeremy Rose had a disagreement earlier this year regarding credit for his trademark dark R&B aesthetic. It’s likely “Get In There” was recorded prior to the assistance of Rose (if his claims are true, of course).

Listen: The Weeknd – “Get In There” (Unreleased)


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