The Seshen releases self-titled debut album | Stream

Living in The Bay Area, a place that is heavily saturated with Hip Hop music, and heavily male dominated at that, you can imagine my joy when I discovered The Seshen; a San Francisco based band that draws influence from a wide range of artists including J.Dilla, Little Dragon and Erykah Badu.  

The Seshen’s music, combines HipHop, electronica, pop, soul to produce an all original sound that is not bound to any particular genre. Seshen‘s songs are performed and created by bassist and producer Aki Ehara, drummer Julian Pont, keyboardist Mahesh Rao, percussionist Mirza Kopelman and synchronizer/sampler Kumar Butler, as well as lyricists Lalin St. Juste and Akasha Orr.

With that being said, the band/collective just released their self-titled debut and it’s a great project.  A beautiful diverse and eclectic project that you can purchase here – and take a listen below.