The Roots announce ‘& Then You Shoot Your Cousin’ album + collaboration LP with Elvis Costello


Fans of The Roots get to see the band perform live, week in and week out on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but in news to excite those viewers, Questlove has announced a new album from the Hip-Hop/Jazz collective called & Then You Shoot Your Cousin coming soon, as well as a joint album alongside Elvis Costello.

The follow up to the Grammy-nominated Undun album will be out late this year or early 2014, but until then the group are putting together a joint album with British singer/songwriter Elvis Costello. Costello first met up with the guys on stage on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as they provided live music to his performance during all three of his vists to the show.

Speaking on how the collaboration came around, Questlove says, “It was really love at first sight. The second time he came on, we surpassed the first one. So by the third time, he was like, ‘Let’s stop messing around and do something together.'”

After getting into the studio together for what was meant to be just a few songs, they felt the music was strong enough to carry them through to a whole album. “We had 13 or 14 songs,” explains Questlove. “But then we said, ‘Ooh! Wait a minute! Let’s replace four of these songs with four better songs!’ And now we have the tightest 12-14 song collection out of about 20 songs that we made.”

No word yet on when this untitled album will be released but with all the tracks finished it should be sometime soon this year.