The People vs Joey Badass [Video]

In the latest instalment of Noisey’s The People vs… series, it’s New York rap revivalist Joey Badass‘s turn to face the love, hate and sheer idiocy of some select YouTube commenters.

Shortly before making his first UK appearance, the rapper and his Pro-Era crew took a moment to look at the posts left under their video for “Hardknock“, which included some rather misguided comparisons to Nas, Jay Z and Lil Wayne. “This could’ve been on Illmatic“. says WhySoSeriousMarquel, “…hip hop’s on life support…as soon as Eminem quits it’s over”.

Joey addresses all the comments with a pinch of salt, a healthy dose of humour and attempts at an English accent, but he also tries to explain his nostalgic vision to fans and critics.  Watch for yourself below.