The People vs. A$AP Rocky [Video]

Earlier in the summer, Noisey sat down two of the stars of hip-hop’s new generation, A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown, for a “back and forth” interview, which saw the pair ask each other questions (that was the idea anyway, they mainly just talked about bumping uglies with bitches).

It wasn’t just the video itself that provided gold-standard entertainment; its YouTube comments served up a crop of chuckles, too. So funny (or insightful, or just plain controversial) in fact, that Noisey recalled Danny and Rocky separately to respond to a select few.

Giving his interview while out in Norway, A$AP calls Jennifer Aniston “pretty”, debates impregnating Kathy Griffin and impersonates Beavis and Butthead. Check it out below, and be sure to catch up on Danny’s predictably hilarious piece here in case you missed it.