The Foreign Exchange Talk Independence [Video]

Phonte and Nicolay of soulful duo The Foreign Exchange share their thoughts with LA Stereo TV on the subject of being independent and spell out how they see the role of major labels in the past and in the future.

Phonte comments, “Labels have always been resistant to change in every fucking way – I just don’t see any good reason why somebody would wanna chain themselves to that kind of institution.”

“The difference is real simple,” Nicolay adds. “When you’re with a label, somebody’s gonna make a decision for you about 95% of the things that you have going on…”

“If you have a company that at any given time is doing like a thousand projects of 1500 projects, you cannot tell me that their heart is in every single one of those… It’s just not possible. It’s just statistics.”

“The medium will always change – but the message won’t.” –Phonte

The new Foreign Exchange album, Authenticity, drops via +FE Music/Hard Boiled Records on October 12th – click for tracklisting and info.

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