The Floacist addresses Floetry break-up on “Soul” | New Music

“Never saw myself rolling without you friend, Now you wanna go out on your own. Well, where you wanna be, it’s not for me, you’ll have to go alone” – The Floacist

After bringing us her solo version of “Say Yes” taken from her forthcoming solo effort Floetry Re:Birth, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart gives the audience her side of the story on the break-up of Floetry.

It’s been six years since the neo-Soul duo broke up and The Songstress aka Marsha Ambrosius went on to sign with J Records and release her award winning debut album Late Nights & Early Mornings. We’ve heard Marsha Ambrosius speak on the break up, but Natalie has kept things to her chest until now.

“It was important for me to comment truthfully on the main issue … Marsha left Floetry, after so much joint success and foundation building, to join Aftermath Records, with no assurance of an album release. Ultimately, holding Floetry to ransom, to pursue a possibility of ‘mainstream’ success. This to me is the perfect example of someone selling out, or selling their soul.”

Floetry Rebirth will be released on November 13th