The Dream – “Tender Tendencies” | New Music

Anyone who listens to The Dream knows that he has a tendency to write lyrics that are narcissistic and sexually explicit, and sing them in an incredibly sweet-sounding falsetto.

On “Tender Tendencies“, an extra track from 1977, due for commercial re-release on the 18th December, he admits that this isn’t all there is to him. In what is an essential footnote to the snarl’n’b of his last album, he reveals that his “bullshitting charm” wrestles with a softer side, and concedes that the scent of perfume “lingering in the door” makes him yearn for the woman he lost. Backed by pounding drums, this Terius expresses his raw emotions in a lower tone, and the result is a tribute in confessional form. All that’s left for me to say is listen, right now: