The Bullitts – They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories [Album] | Stream


Musician, producer and director Jeymes Samuel has had us eagerly anticipating this for a few years now, but now we get to hear the audio visual monster known as The Bullitts‘ debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories in full.

Having already given us a taster of things to come by releasing singles “They Die By Dawn” and “Murder Death Kill”, Samuel continues on his cinematic theme in the rest of the tracks on the album. He recruits actresses Lucy Liu and Rosario Dawson on vocal duties and incorporates classic soundtrack elements to his hip-hop productions, such as an Ennio Morricone style Wild-West suite on “They Die By Dawn” and an emotional orchestral string swell on “Close Your Eyes”. Samuel builds character masterfully with his debut and you can listen to the whole thing below and imagine your own spaghetti western to accompany it, just as The Bullitts intended:

The album is available to purchase on July 9th.