The Bullitts Present Amelia Sparks’ Diary: Days 43-51

The Bullitts saga continues on with new twists and turns through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here).

The latest famous face to join The Bullitts saga is Idris Elba who plays the part of the REAL Saul Emmanuel. (Amelia Sparks has been led to believe another another man was Saul Emmanuel up until day 49.)

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 43-51 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.


The first day of a new year.
Mine began with a call from Saul. He was asking if Michael had a cell phone when I killed him.
“I’m not sure” I said. “I didn’t try to call him I slit his throat.”
Saul wouldn’t tell me what he did with Michael’s body. He said he’ll visit me tomorrow to explain further his involvement in all of this.
So I spend New Years Day alone. As ever. I should call it New Years Decade.
A new year means nothing more to me than a new hour. The future is a lie.
I remember an old tv show called SPACE1999. It was a vision of how we’ll be living when we reach that year. Life in space, aliens, etc…
They lied to me. At the new millennium I was underwhelmed and unimpressed. We didn’t even get faster internet download speeds…
So for a new year, celebrate I will not.

Though I will make one resolution…
I will discover the significance of Michael Jeffries’ ring.


I’m not used to people visiting me, let alone walk straight in when I open the door. That’s exactly what Saul did. He came this afternoon.
He sat me down and explained to me his positioning in all of this.
He opened up a bit more than the first time we met. Perhaps because there is a dead man between us now.
But Saul was still guarded. I may be hard to read, but at least I wear my heart on my sleeve. I hate veiled communication.
What he did tell me is Saul is part of a group of powerful individuals who belong to an organisation of some sort. Identifiable by a ring.
He said he didn’t know much more than that except that people have been going missing and he thinks it is linked with the group.
Saul had been watching Michael to garner the identities of the other individuals, but I killed him before he could find anything concrete.
“How could a powerful man be killed so easily?” was the first question I asked.
Saul said that he thinks Michael was more of a foot soldier than a general, so to speak. Then he asked me for the ring again…
“I don’t have it. I never took a ring from him.”
He didn’t ask again but he kept eyeballing my apartment to see if he can spot it anywhere. He needed look no further than my pocket.
Saul didn’t stay for too long. When he got up to leave he kissed me on the cheek which I found bizarre. Then he said; “See you tomorrow”.

Anyone would have thought we were school friends.- what part of “I haven’t got the ring” does he not understand?
As soon as he left I pulled out the ring and the phone I took from Michael’s body. I tried to turn it on but the battery was dead.
It’s a BlackBerry. I don’t have a charger for it but I’ll buy one tomorrow. The information on his emails alone would be revealing enough.
I’ve looked at the ring for hours and can’t see anything distinctive apart from the gold Acropolis in the middle of it.
I googled “Acropolis, religions, groups, sects” but came up with nothing particularly informative.
I need to know what organisation was Michael a part of. What is the significance of the ring and why did he kill that woman.
I have to keep digging for more information, because the voices are angrily letting me know that Saul is not telling me everything.
They say that curiosity killed the cat… I say the cat simply couldn’t handle what she found out.


Each passing day is an amalgamation of oddities complete with human beings sifting through a kaleidoscope of indifference.
Basically, people are an ignorant bunch of dicks.
Case in point, I went to the Apple Store today to grab a USB chord for Michael’s phone. I saw a police pinning a man to the floor…
“Where’s the gun?” they were yelling. The man kept saying; “I don’t have a gun.” The onlookers were laughing. I couldn’t see the funny side.
The taxi driver I was laughing saying; “I love the police”. I don’t understand why one man’s humiliation is another man’s comedy.
It’s the never-ending indifference that breeds discontent.
You ignore a person long enough, you might not see when he comes to work with a machine gun underneath his jacket.
What if he did have a gun? Would there be laughter?

I get home and charge Michael’s phone. I turned it on but it’s password protected. I know a shop around the corner that unlocks phones.
Hopefully they’ll be open tomorrow.
Right after the password disappointment Saul rings and sounded very irate. “I know Michael had a phone on him Amelia. Where is it? TELL ME!”
I deny it. Our usual routine. Then he puts the phone down. No more than one minute after, Michael’s phone rings- from a blocked number.
I can’t make calls from his cell, but I can answer them, so I do… But remain silent…
There was no answer on the other end, but I’m certain it was Saul. He’s so adamant Michael had a phone, he must’ve had his number.
There must be a slew of incriminating content in Michael’s phone. Saul will have a field day with it… But not before me.


Took the phone to be unlocked. Usually they do it on the spot but there was a Christmas back log. I have to collect it tomorrow.
When I got home Saul was waiting outside my door. I knew I’ll see him today.
We went inside and ended up having the strangest conversation. Something was bothering me. I had to ask:
“If you’re both a part of the same organisation, how is it he has a ring but you don’t?”
Saul replied: “I’m not part of any organisation. I told you that Michael is!”
I called him a liar. He distinctly told me that HE is part of a “Powerful Group” as is Michael and that he is sure there are murders linked.
He said I was wrong. We argued for at least half an hour. I began to think that perhaps I did hear him wrong. Maybe it was the voices.
In the past the voices have given me mixed signals and interrupted information I was receiving. But it was never with malice.
It was almost like a game they used to play. My mother would send me one direction, then they would send me another. It was never serious.
But this is real. What if Saul is right? What if the voices have interfered with information I was being given? How far does it go?
Could they interfere with what I see? Could they manipulate what I saw with Michael and the woman? I can’t afford for that to be true!
If I can’t trust the voices then I cannot trust myself. I have to learn to control them.
But I still needed more information from Saul. And I told him as much. I asked how he knew Michael was part of a group.
He said that he had traced his credit card receipts and found numerous anonymous donations to an organisation called “Acropolis”.
“Like the ring?” I asked. Saul agreed. He said that he researched the company but found they did not exist. Absolutely no record of such.
So where was the money going? That’s when he started following Michael around the clock and following people he met with.
Which brought him to me. He still didn’t tell me what he did with the body and I didn’t ask.
But what he did say is that the group is going to soon notice Michael’s absence and if they’re smart they’ll know it’s to do with me.
“If I know who you are Amelia, I can guarantee that they do.”
He proceeded to leave. When he got to the door he turned to me looking like he’d seen a ghost…
“How do you know the ring has an Acropolis on it?”

I said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Don’t lie to me Amelia. I told you of the Acropolis and you said; ‘Like the ring?’.”
I didn’t know what to say. I tried to speak but no sound would come out.
Saul opened his jacket and showed me a gun holstered into a strap around his chest…
He said; “I’m here to protect you Amelia, but if you don’t want to trust me, let me know and you’ll be on your own.”
I felt bad, but I couldn’t just hand over the ring. I told him that I saw the ring on Michael’s hand at the diner and at the hotel.
But I noticed he had a different ring on when he came to my apartment. “Women notice these things” I said.
He seemed to believe me. He turned around and left… But there was no kiss on the cheek this time. I wasn’t regretful about that.
Tomorrow I get the phone back from the shop. I’ll go to the diner and run through every last email, document and number Michael had stored.
But that’s tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ then go to sleep.


First thing this morning I went and collected the phone. I walked straight to the diner. It was open. Arabella was there, all smiles…
First thing she said was: “Do you like the place? Great right?” The Walls had been painted white and the table and chairs were all white.
I didn’t even notice at first. I just thought somebody had put in a really bright bulb. The place looks totally different. Less cosy.
I sat in my usual place, but the chairs are now changed so it felt totally alien . But Arabella’s smile was familiar and warm.
I caught myself wishing her a happy new year… And actually meaning it.
Then I turned on the phone…
I went into the ‘Email’ folder. Not only did he not have a single email in it, the email wasn’t even set up! Then I went into ‘Call’…
He had a lot of numbers stored… But he didn’t have a single name attached to any of them. One of the numbers I’m sure I recognised.
I even saw my own number in his missed calls. That must have been when I rang him whilst he was standing outside my front door.
I went in the ‘Memo’ folder. There were a bunch of numbers written down, but they were not phone numbers. They were codes of some sort.
There were 27 codes in total. I wrote them all down… 6288439:74242737
And 23 more. I wrote them all out in case something happens to the device. I wrote out all of the phone numbers also.
I held down the number ‘1’ key to access Michael’s voicemail, but I got the: “Please enter your 4 digit PIN to access voicemail”.
No more than five minutes after I hung up, I saw a black van pull up outside the building opposite the diner.
The doors flew open and four heavily armed cops jumped out of the van and ran into the building… The voices went absolutely crazy!
They were screaming at each other, but the one thing they seemed to agree on was: “AMELIA, RUN!”
Everyone was looking out of the windows at the police… Except Arabella. She walked up to my table and said: “Are they looking for you?”.
“I don’t know” I replied. She held my hand and led me through the kitchen and out the back exit of the diner. “Call me here later” she said.
I calmly walked through the back alley and caught a taxi on the main road… but not before I turned off the phone and took out the SIM.
If they were coming for me specifically they would’ve been swarming my apartment when I got home. They weren’t. It was the phone. The call.
I was at home barely ten minutes before my phone rang. It was Saul. He said the police have made a trace on Michael’s phone.
I told him I was in all day and haven’t made any efforts to leave my apartment. “I’ll be right there.” he said. But he never came.
I’ve called him twice but his phone just keeps ringing. The evening has come and still no Saul. I’ll call him again in the morning.


The strangest thing…
I still haven’t heard from Saul. Literally nothing. I’m not assuming something is wrong, but he would have at least called me by now.
I spent the whole day in my living room, looking at the numeric codes from Michael Jeffries phone and staring out of my window.
I still have no clue as to what I am doing.
I haven’t the faintest idea what the codes are. Saul is missing. Michael Jeffries is dead…
This must be what they call “Murder Mystery”.
It certainly doesn’t feel like a movie or book when you’re going through it in real life. If anything, I just feel at a loss.
It’s good that I copied the numbers from Michael’s cellphone. I can’t take the risk of turning his phone on again.
hope nothing has happened to Saul. He’s the only person that seems to know what this is about. Without him the map would be really faint.
The voices are rambling constantly now, but giving me no direction whatsoever.
Today I wish I could just shut them out… but like a bad boyfriend, that’s the time when I’ll immediately want them back.
I need movement. I need to find my place in all of this, if I even have one. There must be a reason why I witnessed that murder.
It is reckless and stupid, but I have to get back into Michael’s apartment. I’ll find more answers, I know it. But that’s a danger zone.
I’m reminded of what my father used to say…
Life consists of two types of people: Those with ideas, and those with balls enough to implement them. The latter wins every time.
Right now there is no Saul so I have to find a way into Michael’s apartment…
I can’t appreciate safety… if there is never a threat.


I kept hearing my phone ring in my sleep. I wasn’t dreaming. The number was blocked. I’m used to that now. I answered it.
I didn’t recognise the voice. Before I could even say hello, it said;

“Amelia Sparks. I know your name, your cell number and your address. Meet me at The Foundry now. Don’t make me come for you.”

And that was it. The only Foundry I know is in Upper West Side. I’m getting dressed now. I should be there in 45 minutes.

I’ve been walking around this area for the last two hours. The place I knew to be the Foundry is no longer here. I don’t know where to go.

The man hasn’t called back and I don’t have a number. The voices aren’t telling me anything. Saul still isn’t picking up his phone.

I asked a police officer. He said the only place by the name of The Foundry that he knows of is on West 54th St. I’ll walk there now.

I’ve hopped in a taxi. It’s too cold. The driver knows exactly where it is, but he says it’s no longer called The Foundry.

I should be there in 5 minutes. I don’t know what to do or who to call when I arrive.

Probably this man will know where Saul Emmanuel is. There must be something wrong.

I’m pulling up at the building now. There’s a tall man standing outside looking at his watch.

He’s seen me.

He knows who I am. He said; “What took you so long? Follow me.” And he’s walked into the building. I’ll follow.

I don’t know what I’m in for, but he obviously won’t kill me in here. People saw me enter the building and there are cameras all over.

We walked up a couple of floors and entered an office. It looks like a law firm of some sort. He told me to wait here. I’m in the reception.

He’s walked into another room. I can see him through the glass door talking to another man. Taller. They both keep looking over at me.

The man that met me at the door is seemingly being told off. He must be a secretary or something. The other guy is obviously the boss.

The man I followed in has just called me into the room. I’m going in.

He’s left me in here with the man that was telling him off.


He left me there. In his office. He just walked out and left. I felt like the wind had been taken out of me
I sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity until a woman came in and asked me to leave. I couldn’t say a word. I just walked out.
I couldn’t hail a taxi, I was too exhausted to put my arm out. But somehow I kept walking until I got home.
A thousand questions running through my head at once but not one needed verification on this man. I knew he was telling the truth.
He is Saul Emmanuel.
All of the documents and letters in his office are addressed to Saul Emmanuel… But who is the imposter?
He knows what I did. He even got rid of the dead body for me. Who is he?
I’m trying his cell continuously but he’s not answering. He’s dropped off the radar. Probably because he knew I’ll find out the truth.
Along with the fact that I have less knowledge now than I did before… I feel a genuine sense of fear. I know I am being sought.
The real Saul Emmanuel hasn’t called me since yesterday, and I don’t have a number for him.
I’ve just woken up to the voices going crazy. They’re screaming telling me there is somebody in the living room. So I’ve checked. Nothing.
But it’s odd…
It’s two male voices. One keeps saying: “Be quiet or she’ll wake up” and the other; “Doesn’t matter. We have to kill her eventually anyway”.
It’s scaring me.
There’s nobody here except me. I’m not paranoid. They’re real.
These walls are closing in on me. I need fresh air. I’m leaving.
I’m sitting on the curb outside my apartment building. Thinking about Michael Jeffries. The look on his face when he took his last breath.
At first the images of him dying had no effect on me. Now it’s a vision I’m trying hard to elude.


I’ve just woken up… I’m still on the curb outside my apartment. It’s freezing cold.
I don’t hear the voices now. It was as if they were plotting to kill me. Or were they warning me as to what is going to happen?
My apartment is almost as cold as outside! I’ll stay in the shower until the heating kicks in.
I’ve stayed home all day. Uncomfortable as it is being in this place, I have absolutely no answers beyond these walls. Just more questions.
I had a missed call from a blocked number while I was in the shower. The caller left no message. I hope it was Saul, the real one.
He just called me. Saul. The other one. The fake one.
I told him that I knew he’s not Saul Emmanuel. I didn’t want to know who he really is. I don’t care. I want to know what he wants from me.
“I want to protect you Amelia” he kept repeating.
“How? By lying to me?”
He said; “All the answers are in Michael’s phone. I need it Amelia. I need the phone and the ring.”
“To who?” he asked.
“Saul Emmanuel. The real one.”
“Then we are both finished.” he said. Then he hung up.
Now I’m sitting here with the codes in front of me. They might as well be written in alien. I don’t know what any of them mean.
I need to speak to the real Saul. He’ll have answers or at least be able to make sense of the codes.
That means waiting for him to call. But he’ll have to contact me again. I have the phone and the ring, and information lies therein.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts