The Bullitts Present Amelia Sparks’ Diary (Starring Lucy Liu x Idris Elba): Days 72-92

(Apologies for the break in normal Amelia Sparks diary round-ups… things have been manic in a good way over here at SC towers, more on that later.. but back to our regular The Bullitts updates :) )

The Bullitts story unfolds on on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here, Days 43-51 here & Days 52-58 here & Days 58-71 here).

Lucy Liu is joined by Idris Elba who plays the part of the REAL Saul Emmanuel. (Amelia Sparks has been led to believe another another man was Saul Emmanuel up until day 49.)

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 72-92 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.


Saul called me first thing in the morning. Before I could tell him about Anthony, he said;
“When did you last see Christian?”
“Yesterday. Why?”
“What did he say to you Amelia?”
“He told me Anthony Campbell is being brought back to the city today.”
“And that was all? Nothing else?”
“Nothing else. Why? What did you find out about the 39 names?”
“All of the names are cops. NYPD. I saw an old colleague’s name on the list, and I thought it coincidence, until I recognised another name.”
“Saul, are you telling me the Circle Of Acropolis are all members of the police department?”
“No Amelia. I’m saying the list is fake. Christian played you. He made you follow around a man with an envelope to put you off the trail.”
“The trail of who?”
“I don’t understand.”
“Your lack of understanding is exactly why you are in over you head.”
“I’m going to call Christian!”
“Christian left his apartment last night Amelia. He’s gone.”
“And what about Anthony? Is he-”
“-I don’t know. But we’ll find out soon enough.”
“How? If he’s dead there’ll be no way of us knowing.”
“That’s simple. We’ll just ask Christian.”
“But you said he was gone.”
“I had him followed… He’s in Philadelphia.”
That was the first time I’ve seen Saul smile.

I slept soundly yesterday. Considering my number is up, literally, I’m feeling absolutely dandy.
I woke up 6:30am and went for a run in the freezing cold. I had ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ on repeat on my iPod.
I tried to work out the song’s significance to Anthony. The website posted that video along with his number. Why?
I’ve listened to the song over 50 times now. I don’t get it… and I prefer the Blondie version.
When I got back home, there was a yellow taxi outside my apartment. The light said On Duty but had no passenger.
I neared the window and crouched to see the driver’s face. He turned toward and as soon as he saw me he drove away.
I didn’t think much of it and it was too early to call Saul, so I left it.
Around 10:30am I called Saul. The taxi incident totally slipped my head;
“What time are we going to Philadelphia Saul?”
“We’re not. Not yet. You jumped the gun before remember? This time Amelia, just trust me.
I do trust him. But when your life is on the line, it’s hard to just sit back and wait to be killed.
So I roamed the city all day. Arabella finished at 6:30pm we met up and and went to a little bar on 46th between 8&9.
When I came out of the the bar I saw the same taxi that was parked outside of my apt. Same registration. The same taxi!
My mind was racing a millionmiles per hour! It’s not Christian because he’s out of town. I don’t know where Anthony is but he won’t do that.
I looked over to Arabella thinking she’ll be a little bit startled. She was wearing a huge grin;
“Are we in major danger Amelia?”
I approached the driver wanting to know who it was, but the person drove off… Again.

I called Saul immediately. He wasn’t even surprised. But he said that I probably shouldn’t go home…
But i’ve given up running.
I went home… Arabella came too. She asked to stay the night. She’s sleeping in the living room.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I killed Michael Jeffries exactly where she is sleeping.
I suppose I have to be patient and to see what Saul Emmanuel has in store for The Curious Case Of Christian Chapman.
Let’s just hope that movie isn’t too long. Anthony Campbell might just die trying to watch it.


Arabella stayed all day. She called into work sick. Who would have guessed that woman in the diner would end up taking days off for me?
I called Saul when I woke and asked him the status on Christian Chapman.
He emphasised patience to me and began speaking about Arabella. I said she stayed at the apt for one day. Saul said he wants to meet her.
When I knew that nothing was progressing with Saul i hung up, claiming bad reception.
Come 6pm sharp my phone rang.. I answered…
It was Anthony.
I am embarrassed at the fact of how much I was relieved to be speaking to him.
“Where were you Anthony? What happened?”
“They’ve got me Amelia. I’m in a dark basement. There is a dead man next to me. I am using his phone. I don’t know exactly where I am…”
“But I know I’m in Philadelphia.”
As soon as he said that I told Arabella she is going with me to Philadelphia.
We’re heading to Penn Station now. I’ll call Saul when we get to Philly.


I have to hand it to Arabella. Not many people would drop everything at the drop of a hat to run head first into danger. She is still here.
The whole journey I was waiting for my phone to call again. I’ve just check into the Holiday Inn downtown. I don’t know this place at all.
Anthony’s voice sounded worn out. Like he has been been tortured. I have to find him, but I don’t know the first place to look.
I am out here solely on a whim with no leads at all.
I’ll have to call Saul. He knows where Christian is and that must be somewhere near Anthony. They won’t both be here by chance.
I called him twice. No answer. I know it’s early hours of the morning, but Saul is an owl. I’ll try again in the morning.
But I have to reach Anthony by today’s end, or he’ll be dead… and I’m next.


Saul called me early hours of the morning. He said Christian had been seen going in an out of a warehouse in Northern Liberties, downtown.
I got dressed and headed straight down there. I told Arabella not to come… Like it made a difference.
The place was on Delaware Avenue. We arrived and it looked like a garage because there wasn’t a door, just a huge shutter with a padlock.
I couldn’t find a way in, no back entrance and the windows were too small to climb through.
Without hesitance Arabella pulled a hair-clip from her head and started picking the padlock. Before I could muster a reaction it was open;
“I used to do this all the time as a kid” she said.
We entered the place and it was derelict. Huge and empty. I couldn’t see Anthony.
Arabella spotted a small stairwell to the far right. The staircase led downstairs to a closed door.
The door was unlocked. We went in. Turned on the light…
Two men were on the floor face down. One lay still and the other one twitched when the light shone in… ANTHONY!!!!
I untied him and proceeded to the other guy tied up. Anthony stooped me;
“It’s no point Amelia, he already dead.”
Upon hearing that, my first reaction was just to stare at the corpse, like when I killed Michael Jeffries…
But common sense interrupted and told me to get the hell outta there. And we did just that. Hightailed to the Holiday Inn.
Anthony was worn out. He never uttered a word back to the hotel. He was out cold as soon as he got to our room.
I put the blanket over him. I said;
“When you’re feeling better, tell us who it was that tortured you and killed the other guy. But for now get rest.”
The words he said made the hair on the back of my neck crawl.
“I don’t need to be feeling better to tell you who did it… It was Christian Chapman”
And with that, Anthony passed out.


I still couldn’t believe what Anthony told me last night. I called Saul when Anthony was asleep and told him.
Saul said he had been trying to tell me and that’s why he told me to wait before I make a move. But I didn’t listen… As usual.
I don’t get it. What is Christians role in this? Does he really have contact with the C.O.A or is he some crazed lunatic killing people?
He has the same alpha-numeric contacts as Michael Jeffries, or at least access to it.
The first phone call I made this morning was to Christian Chapman. There was no answer obviously. But I keep thinking he’s going to call me.
Arabella, Anthony and myself caught the earliest train back to NY. Anthony asked me why I seemed so at ease;
Because after weeks of feeling vulnerable and uneasy… I know now.
“you know what?” he asked;
“Who I’m going to kill next.”
Reached Manhattan and Arabella left us. Anthony came with me to my place. He’s staying here for a few. He’s sleeping in the living room now.
At least I don’t have to lie to him about who “hasn’t” been killed on that couch. And he’s sleeping soundly.
It’s coming up to 3:30am. Haven’t slept a wink yet. I’ll try now.


Anthony slept for hours yesterday. I tried to wake him up a few times but he would just groan and and roll around. He was out for 13 hours.
When he finally rose I made him some breakfast. He ate and went straight to the window. He stayed there for at least an hour.
When he sat back down he said;
“I see the SUV has returned.”
I looked out of the window and saw the same vehicle as before in the exact same spot. I hadn’t even noticed.
“I wish Saul had sent one to look after me.” Anthony said. It sounded like a dig.
When I asked him what had transpired he said he’d rather not talk about it just yet. I didn’t probe further.
Then he said; “I’ll tell you this Amelia, Christian Chapman is a sadistic son of a bitch.”
Around 6pm Arabella came around. She brought at least 4 dinners with her. She took them from the diner.
We ate like it was our last meal. Anthony ran through two dinners so it worked out. When we finished Arabella nonchalantly asked;
“So guys, are we gonna kill Christian or what?”
Anthony and I were speechless.
Before I could tell her to stop being silly, my phone rang. It was Saul.
“Amelia, put Anthony on the phone.”
I have Anthony the phone. Saul spoke to him for at least 5 minutes. In return, Anthony kept saying; “I understand.” and “I agree”.
When he hung up, I asked what Saul and him spoke about. He replied;
“Saul said we should all stay put for tonight. He’ll come and see us in the morning.”
“Is that all he said?”
These two guys were talking intently, and all he’s saying they spoke about was that? Bullshit.
Men spend 100 sentences to say nothing anyway, so maybe he’s telling the truth,
We three just sat there staring at each other like Kurt Russell and Keith David at the end of The Thing.
“I guess we just sit here and wait?”
“I suppose so.” Anthony replied.
Around 12 Arabella said she was going home. She doesn’t know Saul and doesn’t care much for curfew apparently. She has balls for a waitress.
I’m just turning in. Anthony is snoring hard in the living room. I hope he doesn’t do another 13 hour sleep. I’ll end up killing him myself.


Saul is at the door. Anthony is still fast asleep on the couch. Is it because of what he’s been through or does he sleep that long normally?
Before Saul rudely walks in I said; “Hi Saul. Please come in.” He stood frozen for a second, then entered.
I giggled to myself. Sometimes silly little victories like that make all the difference.
Saul is standing over Anthony trying to wake him to no avail.
Saul turns to me and says; “Has this guy been through that much or is he just a lazy fuck?”.
“I think perhaps a little bit of both.”
“Bring me a jug of ice cold water Amelia.”
Although I’m grown up now, the childish trouble maker in me has always wanted to do see a water douse.
I’m putting as much ice cubes as I can in this jug!
WHOA! I honestly think Anthony might catch pneumonia from that! At least he’s awake now.
Saul’s just finished explaining what he’s classed as a “Code Orange concern”. My numeric code has just been posted at
263542:772757 “Do not spend the ego of success before you are paid it”
Sounds like Christian Chapman is upset. Is he trying to scare me? It’s working… Like a Casio watch without a battery. Try harder CC.
Saul stayed for a few hours. He’s informed to the second on Christians movements. Anthony seemed to cheer up a bit after the water attack.
As soon as Saul left Arabella came by. If Saul were a superhero I’d think they were the same person.
But ain’t no heroes around here. Just killers, defenders and avengers.
Arabella seems intent on going after Christian. I can’t tell of she’s joking or not, but before she left she said;
“Get an early night Amelia. We got work to do.”
What work Arabella? Flipping pancakes? And I’m the one that hears voices.
But it’s late again. Anthony has settled in his new home… my couch, and I’m gonna try and steal what few hours I can.

The times they are a changin’. Saul calls first in the morning and says Christian has boarded a train to NY. What the hell for?
Saul went on to say that he thinks Christian is coming for me.
People are crazier than they would appear. Anthony got really angry, threatening to kill Christian on sight.
I don’t paint Anthony as the killer type though. Although he does get rid of a dead body pretty well.
“Anthony, you shouldn’t even be upset. You’ve gotten free rent out of your torture.” I said. He didn’t find it funny at all.
Saul said Christian is by himself. The SUV is still outside, Anthony is here and Arabella is now a waitress/ninja, so I think I’m safe.

I just woke up. Couldn’t have slept more than 5 hours. Anthony has not slept a wink. The prospect of Christian’s return has kept him up.
Arabella’s just brought us round breakfast. She is fast becoming a habit… And a necessity.
I had received a call this evening from a blocked number. I knew who it was before I answered…
“Hey Amelia. How are you?”
“Excuse me?”
“How are you? How is everything?”
“Listen, I was wondering if you’d like to meet somewhere for a drink.”
Arabella was trying to listen from the side, while Anthony was miming obscenities in front of me.
“Okay. Where?”
“Tonight. The Box. Say 9pm?”
“I’m busy tonight. Work stuff. Call me tomorrow. We’ll definitely meet then.”
I hung up. Anthony went nuts.
“After what he did he’s asking you out for a drink?” Anthony shouted.
“No Anthony. He wants to meet me to kill me. I said not tonight because I have to work out what weapon to use.”
Arabella started jumping like Cameron Diaz in a Farrelly Brothers movie. She is freaking me out.
I called Saul and told him. He suggested I wear a wire and his crew follow. I know they will but I don’t want them to.
They’ll only try to stop me from killing Christian.
That’s why I never gave Saul the where and when.

Saul came to the house early morning and wouldn’t leave. Anthony jumped up from the couch as soon as Saul entered. Saul laughed.
“Don’t worry Anthony, no water today. You’re already awake.” Saul said. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I haven’t got much to say to you until you apologise Saul.”
Anthony can get rid of a bludgeoned dead body without breaking a sweat, but literally gets teary when someone throws water on him. Baby!
Arabella stopped by around 2pm. She was wearing a long beige coat, looking like a cross between Jackie Onassis and Jack The Ripper.
“You look like you’re going to kill someone” Saul stated.
Wearing a wide grin, Arabella pulled out a huge machete from under her coat.
“This is going to kill someone. I’m just going to hold it!”
I’ve seen a lot lately, but Arabella scares the shit out of me.
7pm on the dot my phone rang. Blocked number. Christian.
Saul, Arabella and Anthony clamored around my phone. I couldn’t put Christian on loudspeaker or he would have known I was with company.
Christian wanted to meet in the same place. The Box. 11pm. I agreed, only;
“Aren’t you a bit young to get into that club?”
Before he hung up he said; “One more thing… Come alone.”
That’s when the arguing ensued. Saul insisted on bringing his team, Anthony unleashed his sense of entitlement to “Kill Christian First!”…
And Arabella? I won’t even go into that one. I’ll just say she did not bring the machete to slice cheese… My living room was a mad house.
I could have sworn the voices were saying; “Can you keep the noise down? We’re trying to sleep!”
In the end, we agreed that everyone would follow separately. Come 11 I was standing opposite The Box wearing Arabella’s coat and machete.
I could see Arabella in the queue blending in quite well. She looked like a… waitress.
Anthony was nearby, wearing shades to cover his bruises. But they made him really stand out. It’s night time!
I couldn’t see Saul or the SUV anywhere. But I know he was close by, watching my every step.
Then I got a text message. From Christian;
I was pissed. I knew I should have come alone!
I came back home with Anthony and Arabella. Saul left but his men are outside. I didn’t want to hear a peep from anyone.
I’m laying on my bed, still angry. I can hear those two whispering in the next room. We’re all going to just have to wait.
We’re on Christian’s clock now. He’s controlling the time.

I called Christian Chapmen first thing this morning. He didn’t answer.
Now he knows that I’m travelling with the Vengeful Crusaders. I don’t know what Christian’s next move is.
Arabella stayed here last night and is still here. I don’t think her and Anthony have stopped talking once.
I have really grown to like having them around. I feel quite close to Arabella.
We all stayed home today. Although none of us are saying it, I could tell we’re all feeling a little empty after last night.
But it was no one’s fault. I think we all just got a little over excited.
But I won’t make the same mistake twice. Christian Chapman WILL call me. I will meet him. He will attack me. I will kill him.
Countdown to takeoff…

I thought the idea of having the bodyguards is so they follow you? I left my apartment alone this afternoon. The SUV stayed parked!
I just needed to get out for a minute and walk. My place is too full at the moment.
As I walked I kept thinking that Christian was going to call me… He didn’t. He’s biding his time like all good predators
I saw Michael Jeffries do basically the same thing. Bide his time and strike when the subject is at its weakest
But it didn’t work out too well for him.
When I got back, Arabella and Anthony were in a heated argument about Batman. More specifically, what actor played the best Bruce Wayne?
That is an easy answer. Although I didn’t have the energy to join the debate. I went to my room and texted Christian.
I don’t even know if I got the aplha- numeric number of his name correctly. I just couldn’t let him feel he’s in control of this.
I don’t know if he’ll reply, but at least now, he will dispense with the niceties. We can be childlike and truthful…
If he wants to kill me, all he has to do is try. Boring me to death with conversations I need subtitles for is cheating.
I’m about to lay my head down. I’ll sleep well being sure of one thing… Christian is coming.
Oh- and Michael Keaton.
By FAR the best Bruce Wayne. No other actor has even began to come close.

I knew I’d get a response from Christian. What I didn’t know was that it’ll be so rabid:
“Amelia, it is apparent you’re bravery is eclipsed by your stupidity. I extended you my hand as a gesture of goodwill and you threaten me?”
Oh, I get it now, so Christian was going to take me for a delicious dinner and THEN kill me. What a gentleman.
“You have no idea what i have in store for you. That’s the cool part. The bad part is what I actually have in store for you.”
I texted him back asking him when I should expect his visit. He texted;
“Probably the next week… or maybe tomorrow. What day would you ideally like to get killed?”
I texted him back; “Well, tomorrow will be great if you can find time in your schedule to do some killing.”
“You’re finished Amelia. This game is over.”
That was his last text. I showed the messages to Anthony and Arabella. They couldn’t hide their excitement. Then I called Saul…
But nothing excites him. He was as cool and level headed as always;
“This time Amelia, do exactly as I tell you to. No excess baggage, just follow a simple plan.”
I agreed with him. But if his “Simple plan” involves me letting Christian out of my grasp when I have him, then we have a problem Houston.
For now though, I’ll listen to Saul. He is the most informed and organised out of all of us. And I trust him.
Let’s see how this pans out.

The voices.
They aren’t allowing me to sleep. They woke me up an hour ago. It’s 7:10am which means I’ve only had about 4 hours.
I can’t do this. I know I’ll be feeling okay for the first few hours of the day, but I’ll be totally beat in the late afternoon.
As soon as I closed my eyes I heard them saying; “Mysteries of the overground.” and they kept repeating it.
Then I woke up to them chanting;
“We’ve only halfway made it, We’re so jaded, We die to all stand out, Repeating all over, Til we fall over, Mysteries of the overground.”
I don’t know what any of it means. But it must have relevance because the voices have not stopped repeating it.
I think it’s their interpretation if what’s happening with myself, Anthony and Arabella.
It sounds like they’re saying that we’re all crying to be heard in someway.
Which is probably true. But I don’t want attention. I want to he left alone. I don’t want to leave any mark, I just don’t want to BE marked.
“Mysteries of the overground” Is probably the voices asking me what the lure or addiction is of popularity and fame.
I can’t answer, as I want neither. Probably Arabella and Anthony are both craving to be heard or long to stand out amongst the crowd.
Personally, I’d opt for invisibility.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that a killer sends me Valentines wishes, or that he repeatedly uses all caps in his text messages!
I just told Anthony about the text message. He wasn’t surprised.
“See how much jokes Christian Chapman has when he has a rope around his neck. Let’s see if he dies in all caps” Anthony said.
I didn’t reply to Christian’s text. Anthony and I just waited to see if he’ll send another message with instruction to meet.
He hasn’t yet. We’re still waiting. If I offer to meet him he’ll know I’m setting him up.
I called Saul today. No answer. I wonder if he’s on a Valentine date. I wonder if he has a wife even? I haven’t spotted a ring.
I tried to sleep the evening out but I’ve woken up too early. I always do that on Valentines Day. It’s the loneliest day in the year for me.
It’s because the only man I ever loved was killed on February 14. He had his throat cut in our home. The police never caught the killer.
At the time of his death our relationship was practically over. We were another couple in denial going through the motions.
But that didn’t mean we weren’t in love. We just discovered that being in love doesn’t mean being together.
I’ve never liked to admit that I have feelings for anyone or anything. It renders me too vulnerable. But truth be told I loved that man.
And every Valentines day I want to cry my eyes out.
It’s 2:05am. I’m going to see if I can sleep until the morning and pretend Valentines Day never happened.

Saul Emmanuel. Ever reliable. Ever trustworthy. Ever walking straight in my apartment soon as I open the door.
And ever with new information.
He came over at 2pm with a much much serious demeanour than usual. I was with Anthony and Arabella.
He asked me if I had heard anything more from Christian. I told him about the Valentines text. He wasn’t enthused.
“I just want to know where he is so I can end this Saul.”
Then He dropped the bomb.
“I know where Christian is staying.”
It’s 5:15am and I haven’t been to sleep yet. I had a night of arguments and restraint… Because Saul told me where Christian is staying.
At Michael Jeffries’ apartment.
Probably because I never killed Michael in his apartment Christian must think I didn’t know where he lived.
As soon as Saul told me I put Arabella’s coat on and ventured to leave. Saul stopped me. What was a hand soon became an arm… arms!
Anthony and Saul began holding me back. Arabella began holding them back. She’s worse than me!
Saul had a point. Don’t be irrational. I get it. But I’m sure Anthony held me back solely because he wants to kill Christian himself.
I never went in the end. But Saul had better act fast… Or I’ll be going there tomorrow night.
Let me get sleep.

I never heard from Saul today. Under the circumstances I think he should have checked in at least.
It didn’t matter. I couldn’t resist the temptation. I had to go to Michael Jeffries’ apartment.
I didn’t go in. I just sat across the road in my usual spot… Watching Accompanied by Arabella.
I looked to see if I saw Timothy. working. Must be his day off.
Arabella and I have just got back home. The man on duty at Michael Jeffries’ place spotted us I think. He kept looking out toward us.
It didn’t matter. We didn’t see Christian so we were just sitting there eating those Tates oatmeal cookies. We went through 4 packets.
If I never see another packet of those it’ll be too soon.
Tomorrow I’ll check if Timothy is still working there. If he isn’t I’ll plot another way to get into the apartment… And kill Christian.
Arabella is staying over. Let’s see if she can keep her mouth closed about where we were tonight. Anthony is too much of a hothead.

Christian called me at exactly 3pm. He didn’t say a word. He just played a song down the phone: “Hanging On The Telephone” by Blondie.
I loved that song so I listened to the very end of it. Then I hung up.
I told Anthony and that set him off. For the rest of the evening he was saying; “Why did he play you the original ‘Blondie’ version?”
I’ve thought all evening about the significance of that song and the murders, or attempts. I can’t find it.
About 7pm I went down to Michael’s place by myself. I saw Timothy working. But I stayed out of sight. I’m glad he’s still there.
Still didn’t see Christian though. I wonder if his childish website is just there to throw us off the path and there is a bigger plan…
A plan that we’re nothing to do with.
Who was the other person that had been killed next to Anthony?
A slew of questions ran through my head as I sat outside the apartment building. I came home about 10pm. The SUV is still outside.
Arabella has seemingly done two things; 1) Taken up residence at my extremely small home. 2) Quit her job.
It’s funny, this place is beginning to look like a twisted, violent take on the sitcom ‘Three’s Company’.
Let’s hope that Jack Tripper and friends stay alive in this version too.

Saul called me this morning. He said he knew I’d been embarking upon my own private stakeout. I didn’t deny it.
He told me not to approach Christian and stay out of sight. It’s as is he knew I would be going back to the building… tonight.
And I did exactly that.
I got there the same time as yesterday. Timothy was working. I went in.
He was surprised to see me but shocked.
And he knew exactly why I was there. But this time, Alfred to my Batman, Timothy was not!
“I’m not going to allow it to happen Amelia. Not again. Not on my watch. NO!”
I told him what happened to us at the because of Christian. Timothy seemed to soften. He agreed to let me inspect the place once more…
But not tonight. He said he’ll phone me when the coast is clear. I agreed and left.
I called Saul when I got home and told him of the night’s events… He already knew.
It’s 12:30am. Arabella and Anthony are playing Scrabble in the living room. I think the winner gets to live.
I’m going to bed.


I don’t believe it’s 7am and I haven’t been to sleep. I put my head down at 2! My body is exhausted but my mind isn’t. I’m just laying here.
The voices are whispering. I cant make out what they’re saying. I’m trying to listen in, but it’s been hard to since Anthony moved in.
Unless it’s outright screams, it’s really hard to hear recently. Arabella’s presence doesn’t help much either.
Saul told me last night that Christian is about to make a move. Imminently. How he knows these things is anyone’s guess.
I think that’s why I can’t sleep. I don’t feel scared, but in the past whenever I’ve been unknowingly stressed it manifests in loss of sleep
I don’t want to take a pill. I’ll just continue to lay here until I fall out. At least those two in the living room are out for the count.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts