The Bullitts Present Amelia Sparks’ Diary (Starring Lucy Liu x Idris Elba): Days 59-71

The Bullitts saga continues on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here, Days 43-51 here & Days 52-58 here ).

Lucy Liu is joined by Idris Elba who plays the part of the REAL Saul Emmanuel. (Amelia Sparks has been led to believe another another man was Saul Emmanuel up until day 49.)

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 59-71 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.

I don’t remember anything after DeNiro’s award. I was out cold. I woke up this morning with the TV still on. I thought it was the voices.
I got dressed and went downstairs to thank Timothy and give him the keys but he wasn’t working today. I left… And took the keys with me.
I caught a taxi down to my apartment. Saul kept his word, his dogs were obviously back in their kennels…
I walked to the door of my apartment and noticed it hadn’t been locked properly. I’ve never made that mistake, ever. Someone was here…
I entered the living room and the place had been turned upside down. I know what they were looking for… The ring.
I think it was Anthony. Saul is too composed to sanction such an untidy hunt. Anthony however, is a desperate man looking for a way out.
Why is he so desperate to get the ring? It’s not going to take him off the Dead List. He’ll probably just end up exposing himself to them.Not surprisingly, Anthony denied it. But I wasn’t at all concerned with the mess, I just wanted to know where my phone charger was.
“Amelia, try and stay close to your apartment. I need you to stay safe while we get to the bottom of this. Just lie low!”
Words of encouragement from a habitual liar who just broke into my apartment. “Sure Anthony. Anything you say”.

I did end up staying in and watching re-runs of The Persuaders with Tony Curtis & Roger Moore on Classics

The time literally flew past. I can’t afford to waste days. I have to find out the rest of the Circle.
I have to find them before they find me.
The best form of defence is attack. And I shall. I will not be an easy target for anyone.
By tomorrow’s end, I’ll have an answer as to my next direction… By tomorrow’s end.


First thing I did when I woke this morning was Saul. I woke him. Funny, I thought detectives only sleep in movies… If he is a detective.
“Are you back home or are you still trespassing on Michael’s property?”
“You can’t trespass on the property of a dead man.”
“Tread carefully Amelia. This isn’t a game.”
“Then why do you keep treating me like it is one? I need answers Saul.”
I started getting angry with him, because I know he isn’t telling me everything. He’s trying to protect me by putting me in more danger.

For once he spoke plainly…
“Nobody really knows. They communicate with each other via coded messages and videos over phone, emails and the net.”
“So why are they targeting me?” I asked.
“I don’t have a clue Amelia. I’m trying to find out the common denominator between the victims. But the Circle are powerful individuals.”
“So I’ve been told Saul. But if you don’t know who they are, how do you know they’re so powerful?”
“Because every time their victims go missing, any and all police files get erased. Not one report. These people disappear without a trace.”
“So how did you know I was on the Dead List?”
“Michael Jeffries was careless. He communicated quite blatantly through a website, in his Alpha-Numeric code. We thought it was a joke.”
All I wanted to know was the name of the website. The answer was so in my face, it was laughable.
Saul continued; “There was no way a secret organisation would be this bare faced. Only a foolish foot soldier would be so inconspicuous…”
“What was the name of the website Saul?”
I honestly couldn’t believe what I was just told. How could one person be so stupid?
“The strange thing is Amelia, someone is still accessing the site. Taking down and posting up videos and pictures daily. Probably a kid.”
“Why doesn’t someone make an arrest?”
“On what charge? Posting up a video of David Icke? Until they post up another code we have nothing. Also they keep blocking the IP address.”
“Okay so what now Saul, we wait until they kill me so you can catch one of them?”
“No Amelia, we wait until they try… But hopefully that won’t be before I get some more sleep. It’s 6am! Go back to bed.”
He put the phone down. But left me with one gem…


I’ve been checking the posts to the website all morning. There’s been nothing new since yesterday. Last check was an hour ago.
Something has to give way soon. I can’t just wait for my killer to appear.
… or wait until they miraculously grow a conscience.
I didn’t check the website for hours. I guess I didn’t expect anything to come up, at least not today. Then Saul called me…
He told me to check again. I did. And there it was, plain as day;
Anthony’s number has literally been called.
Then another post went up, with Anthony’s number and a YouTube link to a video. ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ by The Nerves
A cover of Blondie’s original, but I don’t know what it has to do with Anthony. Saul said that the location of the post is blocked.

I’ve been trying to call Anthony since I got off the phone with Saul. No answer. It’s ringing but going to voicemail.
They’re obviously not targeting the names in the order that Michael Jeffries had them written.
Saul said he’ll tighten security around me but I won’t notice. I asked about Anthony, Saul said that until he reappears, his hands are tied.

I suggested arresting Anthony and keeping him in police custody until they’ve garnered more information.
“Amelia, if I take him into custody, he’d be dead within 24 hours.”
He was basically telling me the police are in on it.
2 things: 1, I need to get hold of Anthony and 2, I need to trace the origin of the posts.
I have my work cut out for me… but what’s new?


First thing this morning I checked myself into a hotel. The 6 Columbus on Columbus Circle.
I figure if my number is to appear on that website any time soon, I shouldn’t make myself too easy to catch.
I’ve stayed at this hotel before. It’s comfortable. But I hate the room I’m in.
What is the point of having a window if this is the view?

The decor is quite peaceful. Dark blues.

I didn’t bring much. If anyone breaks into my apartment I don’t want it to look like I’ve left.

It should be law that hotel rooms come with toothpaste. I shouldn’t need to call front desk to brush my teeth

If you have your own brand, why not put it in the rooms in the first place?

But they give you cotton wool and q-tips?

I’m going to see Saul.
I’ve just got back to the hotel. I am so tired.
Still no sign of Anthony. Saul and I searched the city inside out.
Saul said that he has figured a way to unblock the ID of the person on the
That’s great, but I have to get hold of the person before Saul and his team get him.
That person has all of the answers regarding the murders and why those names/codes in particular. I have to get to him before Saul does.
This guy will be a big piece of the puzzle, because once he tells me who’s behind this then i will go directly to them and finish this.
I’ll stay close to Saul so he can keep me up to speed on the IP unblocker.
I’ll also stay on the hunt for Anthony. He’ll turn up soon I hope, Until then…

I’m going to bed.


I woke up first thing this morning and called Saul. He knew I was just fishing to find out about the website.
But he hasn’t uncovered anything yet.
Tried Anthony the usual amount of times, to no avail.
It’s odd that I feel more comfortable in danger than I did in safety. Before I was alive… But I can’t say that I was living.
I called Arabella about 6pm. I thought she’ll be finishing her shift but she never went in today. She’s just getting over a cold.
She sounded surprised to hear from me. I think it’s because I called for no other reason than to see how she’s doing.
Whereas usually when I speak to Arabella there is some kind of sinister subplot going on.
The weather is horrid. I’ve been in bed for the past few hours. Ice was on the pavements and curb but this snowstorm came put of nowhere…
I’m going to rest my head for a hour then call Saul. I need to be right there if something happens… And I’m sure something will.


It’s 9:32am!!!! I only wanted to rest for an hour! I must have been a lot more tired than I thought.
Looking at the pipe outside of my hotel window, I can see the weather is still dire.
Anthony just called me!
He said he’s been in hiding. He knows about his name being flagged.
He’s asked me to meet him downtown. I’m on my way there now.
It’s bitter out here. I’ve always heard the saying; “Nature doesn’t make mistakes”. What is the point of snow?

Absolutely bitter.

Anthony just sent me a text; “Hurry up. I’m waiting on the street.” Is he crazy?
I’m here. I don’t see him.

Why would he want to meet me here?

He just sent me a text; “Say exactly where you are Amelia.” Where is he?
I feel like Ray Liotta’s wife in Goodfellas.

He sent another text: “in the building behind you. Go to the door.”
Must be in here.

I had a bizarre day. I entered the building Anthony said he was in. It was abandoned. I searched thoroughly. He wasn’t there. I’m positive.
Then I called him. No answer. It rang but he never picked up. So I texted him. No reply.
I waited in the building freezing cold for and hour. Then a text came through; “I’m sorry Amelia, I had to leave. Something came up.”

I don’t know many things… but I know Anthony did not write that text.
I kept calling him, but then the phone started cutting off after a single ring, which meant the call was seen and discarded.
I don’t get the sense that Anthony has been killed but I do know that something bad has happened to him. And he’s being held somewhere.
To call me out of nowhere, have me travel to a destination he is not at, and then disappear with no call or contact? That is NOT Anthony.
I called Saul. He said I should have called him at the start and should never travelled there by myself.
Saul picked me up and we drove to his office in the old Foundry. We spent the day looking at

Saul introduced me to a soft spoken teen in his office. His name is Glynn. Supposedly, Glynn can hack into any website and trace it’s origin.
I watched him work but I don’t know what he was doing. Occasionally he would show a really huge grin which I took to mean he had hacked in.
He was working on different websites. I asked why the kid didn’t hack into Then Saul showed me a printout he had.
It had a lot of code. I didn’t understand any… Except the clear as day name, address and telephone number. Saul smiled “That’s our guy.”

“So let’s go get him!”
“Not yet Amelia. We have to be sure.”
Saul has patience that way. I don’t.
I’m back at the hotel now. About to go to sleep. I have another interesting day ahead. I have a call to make.
To Christian Chapman… The name and entire details I memorised earlier.
I held the sheet of paper Saul handed to me and memorised It in seconds. Saul had no idea.
Tomorrow I’ll contact Christian Chapman. He’ll Tell me everything he knows… one way or the other.


I woke up 8:30am and before I did anything, called Anthony. I tried him 7 times, to no avail. I don’t have an inkling where he could be.
I know he’s being held somewhere against his will or I wouldn’t have been sent on a wild goose chase yesterday.
I know that the lead to the website would somehow serve as a lead to Anthony. Christian Chapman has to have answers.
I waited til 10am then I called him.
It literally rang once and someone answered. “Yo!”
“Christian? Christian Chapman?”
“This is Christian.”
“Hi my name is Amelia Sparks. I have some questions about your website Circle Of Acropolis ”
“Am going to be famous?”
“No. But I would like to sit down with you asap and discuss every thing.
Christian sounded about 13 years old when he answered the phone.
We arranged to meet in Penn Station at 1pm. I was there at 12:30.
I don’t know what kind of person I was waiting for or where he was coming from.

1pm on the dot. this kid runs up to me. He couldn’t have been no older than 14. “Amelia?” he says…
“At your service.”
We sat at the table of a little diner in the station. He proceeded to tell me about the site…
He started it last year because he used to hear and read tidbits about the Circle Of Acropolis, but found no factual site.
It is more of a fact finding hub than anything else. At least that’s what Christian tells me.
“But what about the alpha numeric codes? How do you know about those?”
Christian was approached by a man named Michael Jeffries who not only complimented his efforts, offered to pay all expenses for the upkeep.
Michael set up an automatic monthly payment into Christian’s account. There was just one catch:
Michael give Christian a sequence of numbers that Christian would post upon request.
What I didn’t understand was that the last code went up the other day, weeks after Michael had been killed.
“Michael gave me 27 codes and a timeline when to release each one. I haven’t spoken to him in a while but I’ve stuck to the timeline.”
“But someone else is reading those codes Christian. They must be. Michael was putting up a flare for someone to read and act upon.”
“And now the person whose name you posted up last; Anthony Campbell, has gone missing. I need to find him and I don’t have much time.”
Christian said he will go home and email me his entire database. Only 39 names, but something there may be of help.
I came back to my hotel and have been waiting since. Saul called twice. I don’t want to speak to him until Christian has sent me the names
It’s 3:30am and I’m beat. I’ve been in all evening. I’ll follow up with Christian in the morrow.


Saul called me first thing in the morning and was shouting down the phone. All I could make out was “Christian Chapman” and “Fuck!”.
I took it he was upset at me calling and meeting Christian. I told him that he was too slow and I need progression. He shouted even more.
Until Saul can give me a lock on Anthony’s whereabouts, all the shouting in the world doesn’t mean anything.
After telling me that I’m “jeopardizing the operation”, Saul hung up
I spent the rest of the day trying to contact Anthony and Christian.
Saul called me in the early evening apologizing for his morning fireworks. He told me to meet him at his apartment.
I wasn’t doing anything at the hotel so I jumped in a taxi and went down… I’ve been here since.
Right now I’m watching Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force. My favorite non-western Eastwood movie.
I acknowledge a bit of what Saul was saying about patience. I shouldn’t be so impulsive in my running into situations.
I don’t think I’ll hear from Anthony, but if Christian doesn’t call or email me tomorrow, I’ll play it Saul’s way… or at least I’ll try.
Until then, I’ll watch Dirty Harry unleash hell on Hutch.


Christian called me an hour ago. He said after he met with me he felt that he was being followed.
He knew it to be true when he tried to lose the two men he suspected. He said they weren’t even trying to be inconspicuous.
He said he doesn’t want to email anything to me so I should meet him at 34th and 8th. I’m on my way there now.
I thought something had happened to Christian so I asked an officer. He told me move along

Then my phone rang. It was Christian: “Amelia, follow the man with the envelope in his hand, walking past you… NOW!”
As soon as Christian said that, a man walked past me with an envelope in his hand. I followed him.

He was going into the station.

He hadn’t seen me but my phone signal dropped so I lost Christian.
I stayed on him.
Then he got onto a train. I followed…
Then he saw me. I didn’t know what to do… So I just stared. He walked over and handed me the envelope.

I got off at the next stop. I sat on a bench in the station and opened the envelope: 39 names, addresses and emails.
I didn’t recognise any of them so I went to Saul’s office and showed him the envelope… But not before I copied everything to my phone.
I could tell he wanted to be upset but was too fascinated at the list. He tried to match it against his database, but no one synced.
At this point I felt I had been going in circles until Saul recognised one of the names. He was speechless…
“What is it Saul?”
“I can’t say. Not yet. Trust me Amelia. Let me be sure first.”
He said to trust him, and at this point he is one of only two people that I actually do trust. So I backed off.
“I have to go, but come to the office tomorrow and I’ll have more information”
Saul grabbed his jacket and left the office in a hurry. I snooped around a bit, then fell sleep in Saul’s chair.
I’m anxious to see what information Saul is going to bless me with tomorrow.


My day was a deafening silence.
Not a word from Anthony, Saul or Christian. I called them all repeatedly. Nothing.
Am I the only one who is taking this seriously?
I waited by the phone for Saul to tell me what he had found out… Nothing.
No phone call or anything. At this point I would actually welcome a home invasion. Something.
I fell asleep around 7pm. I had a strange dream that I was being chased. I couldn’t see my pursuers but they were closing in.
As they neared me, my feet started taking off from the ground. I wasn’t flying, but running and gaining height instead of distance.
I tried to land but I couldn’t control my direction. I began to shout and then I heard the voices.
“Patience” they whispered.
And I was on the ground again. No longer being chased. I had peace… Then I awoke.
I don’t know what that dream meant. I don’t try to understand dreams, but I take note of the poignant ones.
I suppose one day I’ll make sense of it all. For now though… I dream awake.


I checked out of the hotel today. I went back to home. I thought about my dream and concluded that whatever happens, I’m not running.
As soon as I stepped in the door Christian called.
“Amelia, I’ve been trying to reach you.”
“How, telepathically?”
“I called your hotel. They said that you checked out.”
“Well it wasn’t exactly MY hotel.”
“Amelia, I think you should know that I received a message today.”
“What kind of message?”
“A message saying to put your code up next!”
“What? From who?”
“I, I don’t know. It was anonymous.”
“Christian, in this day and age, nothing is anonymous. What was it, an email? Text? What?”
“Amelia… Get yourself a gun.”
And with that, he hung up. I called him back. No answer. Next I called Saul. No answer.
I thought about purchasing a gun once before. But I don’t like the idea of them. They’re instruments designed for one thing, to cease life.
Protection shouldn’t have to possess such terminal extents. Although I’m as guilty as sin in that regard.
After a few minutes, I found myself leaving my apartment and heading to a hardware store in the Village.
When I got there I didn’t know what I was looking for.
My mind was racing with different ways I could fend off and defeat my attackers.

But the voices were quiet, so I knew I had to keep looking.
In the end I walked the snow back home. I was more concerned with Anthony. Because if they’re ready for me, have they finished with him?


I stayed at home today. I sat in the living room and waited for someone to call, or someone to enter my home.
At times I could hear the door creaking. It was as if someone was inside.
I kept replaying the words over and over in my head; “Amelia, get yourself a gun.” Why would Christian say that and hang up?
Then not answer his phone?
I have the knife that I killed with… And I am carrying the willingness to kill again.
There were no voices this day. Just the ambience and faint noise provided by the world outside my window. I waited for the imminent danger.
I waited until it was dark. Nothing. Christian didn’t put my name on the website. Perhaps that was why no one came.., but I doubt it.
Christian’s story didn’t even make sense. An anonymous message? I don’t buy it. His behaviour made me think of Saul. What did he find out?
Why wouldn’t Saul tell me? And why has he not called me back?
I need more answers from Christian… And he will give them to me, one way or another.
On a basic level, Christian’s web Posts are part responsible for what’s been happening, if he had knowingly put these codes up…
Then blood is on his hands also… And there will be more.
It’s early hours of the morning. I am going to sleep. But when I wake, I am going to Christian’s home. I won’t alert him as to my arrival.
I’ll wait with the shadows until he comes home.


I left my home today, but not before checking of Christian put my name/code up on He hasn’t as of yet.
I caught the F train downtown. There was a man sitting by the doors shooting heroine in broad day. Nobody cared. As if he was invisible.
I ended up in the diner. It felt good to see Arabella. Spritely as ever. I remember when I used to want the ceiling to fall on her head.
I was bringing her up to speed with Saul, Anthony, Christian and the various twists and turns within.
Arabella told me that she was dying slowly at the diner and she needed a change… Quickly.
I asked her if she wanted some adventure. She didn’t hesitate;
I stayed in the diner all day until Arabella finished her shift. I haven’t done that in months. We left there at 7pm.
It amazes me how comfortable Arabella is to be around. Funny thing though, in her non-work attire, she looks a lot less stylish.
We hopped into Arabella’s car. She drives a new Mini Cooper. I don’t know how she afforded that car working in a diner, and I didn’t ask.
She came with me to Christian’s place. We waited in her car for an hour for him to come back.
Too long. I walked up to the front door and proceeded to pry it open. Arabella looked at me in amazement.
As I was tampering with locks. I heard a male voice behind me;
“That’s my door!”
I turned around. It was Christian.
He was shocked to see me, but not at all frightened. He pulled out his keys and opened the door… Then invited Arabella and I in.
His place was a mess. A typical teen’s apartment. On the wall, posters of UK bands; The Libertines and Bat For Lashes.
Then I came out with it;
“Christian… Im going to ask you a question… Where is Anthony?”
“Amelia- what are talking about?.”
When he said that, I don’t know what came over me. I went crazy. I pulled out the knife that I had in my pocket and lunged at him.
Before I knew what was going on, he was on the ground and I had a knife over his throat;
I don’t know if I would have cut Christian, but it must have looked scary to Arabella, because she dived into me. We were 3 on the floor.
Christian was holding his neck and then said;
“They’ve taken him out of the city.”
“Who’s taken him?”
“THEM! The Circle.”
“So he’s still alive?”
“Yes. They’re bringing him back tomorrow. I don’t know where. They’ll tell me in the morning.”
“And you’ll tell me.”
I got up to leave. Arabella followed. We headed toward the door. As I was opening the lock to get out, I said;
“I mean this with the utmost sincerity, if I find out you’ve something to do with the murders… I will kill you Christian.”
Then I left. Arabella dropped me home, but we were silent through the whole journey.
I got home and did nothing but wait. Wait until tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts