The Bullitts Present Amelia Sparks’ Diary (Starring Lucy Liu x Idris Elba): Days 52-58

The Bullitts saga continues on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here & Days 43-51 here).

The latest famous face to join The Bullitts saga is Idris Elba who plays the part of the REAL Saul Emmanuel. (Amelia Sparks has been led to believe another another man was Saul Emmanuel up until day 49.)

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 52-58 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.


I woke up this morning shivering and sweating profusely, The image of a bleeding Michael Jeffries won’t let me be.
I ended up laying on my back in the exact same spot that I previously slit his throat.
About 2 hours later Saul Emmanuel calls me. The real Saul. He wanted to know one thing only… Where is the phone?
I told him that I have it, but I still have more questions. I didn’t have the energy to lie all over again.
He told me to bike the phone to his office immediately. So I did. He is the only person I feel trustworthy at this point.
When it arrived Saul called me. He said; “Amelia, I need to see you ASAP!”
He said that he will come to me when he’s finished at the office. He emphasised that I shouldn’t leave my apartment.
So I’ve been waiting since.

Saul never came yesterday. I waited for hours. Eventually I fell asleep in the living room. I woke up to his phone call this morning.
He said he didn’t come yesterday, but instead had two men watch my apartment from a van across the road. “Are they still there?” I said.
“Look outside your window”
There was a black SUV parked opposite. I couldn’t remember seeing it outside yesterday, but then again I wasn’t looking.
He said he needed to talk to me about the codes. Then said he is coming over. He left me waiting for another 4 hours.

Eventually he comes over and in usual ‘real-Saul-fake-Saul’ fashion, walks straight in.
He looks all around the apartment then heads to the living room. He sees a blood stain on the sofa. “You killed him here right?”
Before I could say reply he shunted; “Don’t answer.” then sat on the arm of the sofa. “Tell me what you know of the codes.” he said.
I told him that I couldn’t make any sense of them at all. I showed him the piece of paper I had written them out on. “Look closely” he said.
For the life of me I could see nothing but numbers. He told me to read out the first code…
“It’s a name Amelia. Matthew Richards. He was the first victim”.
“How could you tell that?”
“Just read out the second code”
“It’s not a hard code. Saul just didn’t want his phone to get into the wrong hands, so he wrote names down on Alpha-Numeric keys.”
“So what does that code spell?” I asked.
“Work it out for yourself.”
I slowly typed it out on my keypad…
I couldn’t believe how obvious it was.
2A 6M 3E 5L 4I 2A : 7S 7P 2A 7R 5K 7S

I never knew I was capable of feeling that frightened. “What does it mean…”
“Take a wild guess Amelia”.
The third number: 654837:974448 was that of an Oliver Wright. The second victim.
Saul said that the fourth number: 228437463:2653 was the woman from the car park. Catherine Cole. At least now I know her name.
What he didn’t understand was why I wasn’t dead already. Why did they skip me and go to the third name?
He had no answers. But he did reiterate the fact that I killed Michael Jeffries and they are definitely coming for me.
He went on to say that he’ll relocate me to a safe house in the next 2 days. Until then he’ll leave me under the watchful eye of of his men.
In truth, I’m not going anywhere. And I don’t need those men to be following me everywhere I go. I have work to do.
I’m not going to chase whatever bad is to happen to me… But I’m not going to run from it either.
Saul left soon after he explained what he knew. But I need to know more. I need to know who has marked me and why…
I need to know exactly who they are, and where they are… So I can mark them.

Saul still has the SUV parked outside my apartment. I haven’t seen anyone enter or exit the vehicle.
I knocked on the car window earlier but didn’t get a response, then through the dark tints I saw the screen of a cellphone light up.
That’s when I knew someone was in there… Which means Saul is dead serious about moving me to a safe-house. I am not going anywhere!
Right now I need to figure out a way of getting out of my place and losing these losers!
My phone just rang from a blocked number. I answered thinking it was Saul Emmanuel… It was the fake Saul.
“Amelia it’s me.” It sounded like he was shivering.
“I know it’s you but I don’t even know who you are!” I said.
“Amelia, I really need Michael’s phone. I helped you get rid of his body, you can at least do that for me.”
“I told you already, the real Saul Emmanuel has the phone. I don’t even know who it is I’m speaking to.”
There was a long silence…
“My name is Anthony Campbell. I’m sorry I lied… I need to find out if my name is on Michael Jeffries’ list. Can you get back the phone?”
“No I can’t Mr. Campbell. But I did copy out the names before I gave the phone to Saul.”
“Please Amelia, I need you to check for me. See if my name is on that list.”
I told him to give me a minute…
“I’ve checked through every Alpha-Numerical sequence Anthony. Your name is not on that list.”
“Is yours Amelia?”
“Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view.”
As soon as he knew he wasn’t on Michael’s list he said he had to hang up because the line isn’t secure. And he was gone.
The 27th numeric code is:

Saul called me again this morning. He told me he’s found the safe-house. It’s in Long Island.
I told him that I’m not going. I said; “Going to a safe-house is as good as running. I refuse to run.”
Not long after Anthony Campbell called. I despise that name. He said that there is still a lot of information not being told to me.
I told him to elaborate or never to call me again. He said…
“The Circle Of Acropolis”
“What is that?” I asked.
“That is the name of the secret organisation that Michael Jeffries belonged to. The organisation that have targeted you Amelia.”
“I want names Anthony. If I’m a target, then by whom? You need to tell me everything you know'”
“Amelia, you only have to options: Run. or die.”
“So what option are you going to choose?” I asked him.
“Your name is on that list Anthony. Number 27. So what’s it going to be? Run? Or die?”
“We can help each other Anthony. We don’t have to operate separately. Allow me to help you.” I said.
“How?” he asked.
“By telling me everything you know about the Circle Of Acropolis. By telling me your exact involvement in all of this, and lastly…”
“… By helping me lose those two guys outside my apartment.”
We arranged for Anthony to come up tomorrow morning and create a diversion. Just enough for me to get out of my apartment unseen.
Tomorrow I shall endeavour to find out the identities within the Circle Of Acropolis.
I know I can’t trust Anthony, but because both him and Saul give me half truths. Together they make somewhat of an in-cohesive whole.
The important thing is that I keep moving forward. It may be slow, but I will get there. So long as I keep everyone at arms length.
The Circle Of Acropolis.

Anthony has just knocked on my door. Why didn’t he just use the bell? Odd man.
I open the door, he walks right in. These people!!
He’s been speaking to me for an hour being more open than he’s ever been about his family, his work- he’s an accountant- his health…
All very interesting, but Anthony… “How are you going to help me lose those guys outside my apartment?”
He said he had a plan to lose them and told me to wait out front. We walked outside and I noticed an open can of white paint on the steps.
He picks it up and says; “Watch this”. Runs over to the SUV and pours the paint all over the side and front windows. Then looks over to me.
Two men hop out of the car and chase him, but I recognise the look he gave me initially… It meant RUN, and that’s exactly what I did.
I ran in the opposite direction of Anthony.
And got away from the vehicle.
I ran into a doctors practice 10 mins away. I sat in the waiting room and called Anthony. He’d outrun his pursuers. He came to meet me.
We sat in the waiting room for a good hour whilst Anthony tried to explain more about The Circle Of Acropolis…
He couldn’t explain much because he doesn’t know. What he did want to know is why the list exists and what all the names have in common.
But I’m sure everyone wants the answer to that question… Including me.


Anthony wanted me to go home with him yesterday. I was taught to not speak to strangers… And they don’t come stranger than him. No thanks.
I said I had somewhere I could go, but I was lying. I ate some junk, wandered around the city and slept at a bus terminal.
I just didn’t want to go back to my apartment. Saul is much more trustworthy than Anthony, but his Safe-House scheme is a definite NO!
I’ll go back to my place when Saul calls off his watch dogs. Until then, I’ll improvise.
I spent the entire day today in the diner surfing the web. Arabella let me use her laptop. I told her about the Circle Of Acropolis.
She was totally engrossed. She’s the type that if I told her I saw an alien, she would believe and help instead of ridiculing me.
I did want to laugh when I typed the letter “A” in her browser and the phrase “Ava Devine Porn” appeared. I was going to type “Acropolis”…
Ava is definitely a permanent fixture on Arabella’s computer. I never figured Arabella the type really Funny.
I couldn’t find any information on the Circle or any Acropolis-type organisation for that matter. Nothing.
But now I know the name, I’m sure Saul will tell me more about the group when I let him know that I’m fully aware of their existence.
Until then I’ve seemingly hit a brick wall.
But there aren’t any problems… Just alternate solutions.
Example: PROBLEM: tonight I am not going home. I have nowhere to sleep. SOLUTION: Timothy!
I swore I wouldn’t bring him further into this but I don’t have a choice. Besides, I only need a place to rest my head for 1 night.
I don’t even know if he’s been informed about Michael Jeffries. Although something tells me that nobody has. If he asks me, I won’t lie.

I went to Timothy’s place of work yesterday night. He was there and looked pleased to see me but concerned… Justifiably.
“Michael hasn’t returned.”
“I know” I replied. “Timothy, I need a place to stay tonight… And maybe tomorrow night”.
“There is one empty apartment Timothy. And it’s fully furnished”.
“I can’t do that Amelia. I can’t. What if he comes back? What if-”
“He isn’t coming back Timothy… ever.”
“Did you…?”
“Timothy, if you really want to know, I’ll tell you. If not, please don’t open a bottle you aren’t prepared to drink.”
He looked to the floor. He didn’t want the answer.
“Give me the keys Timothy. I won’t answer the phone and nobody will know I’m there. Okay?”
He opened a drawer behind him and took out a pair of keys. He handed them to me. “Amelia, be careful.”
“Thank you Timothy. You may be my Alfred after all.”
He didn’t get the joke. I went to the elevators.
Being in Michael Jeffries’ apartment wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. It was just colder. I laid on the couch and fell asleep.
I woke up to the phone ringing non-stop just after 8am. I don’t know what came over me… I answered it. It was Timothy;
“You said that you are not going to answer the phone Amelia!”
“I wasn’t… But I had a feeling it was you.”
“Please don’t do that again. You’ll cost me my job.”
“I’m sorry Timothy.”
“It’s okay Amelia. Enjoy your breakfast.”
“What breakfast?”
Timothy put the phone down and as if on queue, somebody knocked the door. I opened thinking he had sent food up…
It was Saul Emmanuel.
“Coffee, scrambled eggs and a bagel.” he smiled as he spoke.
I was starving. I grabbed the brown paper bag and cup he was holding and ran to the couch to end my famine. He walked in… as usual.
“Why did you leave your apartment? I was protecting you.” He spoke. I ate.
“I understand why you would come back here. For answers. You won’t find anything. We tore this place up… neatly.”
“To be honest Saul, I just wanted a place to sleep where I wasn’t being watched or kept prisoner. Right now, this is the safest place.”
“It isn’t. This whole building is owned by them.”
“By who? The Circle Of Acropolis?”
He was visibly shocked. “Who told you that name?”
“Anthony Campbell. The fake you. I want answers Saul.”
“Don’t we all? But the ideal scenario would be to not get killed in the searching for them. Go home, rest properly and we’ll talk.”
“If you put your dogs back in the kennel.”
“They already are.” He got up and left.
I however, have been in Michael’s apartment all day. I’m still here. I turned on the TV and celebrities are arriving to the Golden Globes.
Probably because I need escapism at the moment but I’ve been glued to the TV.
I should be nominated… For Best Actress In A Real Life Murder Mystery.
But knowing my luck Meryl Streep would win!

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts