The Bullitts Present Amelia Sparks’ Diary (Starring Lucy Liu x Idris Elba): Days 93-99

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Diary Of Amelia Sparks

The Bullitts story unfolds on on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here, Days 43-51 here, Days 52-58 here, Days 58-71 here & Days 72-92 here).

Lucy Liu is joined by Idris Elba who plays the part of the REAL Saul Emmanuel. (Amelia Sparks has been led to believe another another man named Anthony was Saul Emmanuel up until day 49.)

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 93-99 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.


Again, 6:33am and no sleep.
I couldn’t stop thinking that Timothy was giving me the runaround, so early in the evening I went over to the building and confronted him.
“I thought I told you I would contact you when the coast is clear Amelia?”
“Timothy, the guy staying Michael’s apartment is plotting to kill me. I’m not going to wait until YOUR coast is clear to die!”
“How do you know he’s going to try and kill you?”
I paused before I answered.
“Because I only kill those that attempt to kill me and fail. He is going to fail.”
Timothy didn’t know what to say. To assist me is admitting that he is helping to kill someone.
“I can’t do this Amelia. I want to help you, but not like this.”
“I understand Timothy.” I turned around to leave.
“I’m not working on Tuesday. If I let you cut my keys… that would be a good time to gain entry.”
I smiled and said-
“You are my Alfred after all.”
He didn’t get the pun. When I got home Arabella and Anthony were not in. I’ve been trying to reach them both but their phones are off.
Where would they have gone… All night?
I’m not tired at all. But I have to sleep. Again, I’ll lay here until I do.


Arabella and Anthony were gone for at least 12 hours. They say they were on a stakeout!!
They were at Michael’s building waiting for Christian. They saw me arrive, talk to Christian and leave.
What they’re actually saying is they are going in in Christian without me, Saul, or anyone else. Anthony’s vendetta and Arabella’s urge.
Timothy says he’s going to let me in tue building tonight. They had better not interfere.
Anthony and Arabella are viewing this while thing as one big game of Scrabble. I go then you go then I go and so on…
But this is real life… and the opponents are all killers.
Its 6:09am. I’m going to sleep. Hopefully when I arise we’ll all wake up!


“Everything comes and goes, marked by lovers and styles of clothes…”
“Things that you held high And told yourself were true Lost or changing as the days come down to you” – Joni Mitchell
I’ve been listening to this song all day. The words of it describe me so precise that it scares me.
Court And Spark is the reason I got my first iPod.
I called Timothy twice today. No answer, no call back. Then half an hour ago he calls and tells me to meet him “NOW!”. I’m not even dressed.
He says he’s got the keys cut for me and now is the only time I could get let in to Michael’s place.
I’m throwing some clothes on underneath Arabella’s coat and going to meet Timothy. Now.


6:42am and I’m not even almost ready for sleep.
I met Timothy to get the keys. At the last minute he got the jitters. I practically had to pull them out of his hands.
I let myself in Michael’s apartment. Christian wasn’t home, but he has populated an otherwise empty place with all of his junk.
Mostly CD’s of old music and books.
The book collection is what caught my attention…
Christian has books on occult powers, hypnosis, life after death and a heap of other strange stuff.

I took four of them!

I looked for a computer and found leads for a laptop. He obviously had it with him. I waited for about an hour, but he never came back.
Interestingly enough, I don’t know what I would have done had he returned, because I didn’t have a weapon. But I wasn’t at all scared.
I know he’s sick and twisted, but to me he’s still just a smarmy little punk.
I got back home and the first thing I noticed was that the SUV had gone. I walked in and Saul was waiting in my apartment.
Arabella and Anthony weren’t there. I asked him where the men outside were.
“They’re in London. I leave tonight. They’ve gone ahead of me.”
“What are you going to London for?”
“I’ve told you before Amelia, the Circle is real. Christian has nothing to do with it.”
“But the alphanumeric codes? My name coming up? Michael’s phone? All fake?”
“No. Their interest in you is real. But Christian Chapman is just a stray lunatic who accidentally stumbled upon something real.”
“So what do I do about him?”
“Two options. One, wait for the real COA to catch up with him, but leaving you vulnerable in the process. Or two, I think you already know.”
“Kill him myself.”
“Judging by those books in your hand, I don’t think that deviates much from your plan anyway.”
“It doesn’t”
“I’m have a meeting in London tomorrow at 10am. I’ll be gone for a few days so I can’t watch your back. I need you to be careful Amelia.”
“You too Saul.”
He started walking out.
“Aren’t you going to tell me what the meeting is about?”
“It’s about you Amelia, it’s about the COA, it’s about why they seemingly want you dead, it’s about putting an end to all of this.”
“Or making a beginning.”
He left.
I got some sleep then spent the whole day watching Michael’s apartment. Watching. Waiting.


I got up at 1:30pm, not because I set my alarm, but because my phone rang… Christian.
“I know you were in my apartment yesterday Amelia.”
“Michael’s apartment.”
“You killed Michael remember? It’s my place now. Why didn’t you just call me? I would’ve given you a personal tour.”
“Would have been too much conversation. I just wanted to surprise you.”
“With what, a blade across my throat?”
“No, something more painful.”
“Can’t we just go for a drink? Talk this all out?”
“The last person that ‘went for a drink’ with you wound up bloody and handcuffed to a dead body. I’ll take my chances killing you first.”
He put the phone down after that comment.
I got dressed to leave but I thought of Christian. If he knows when I’m at his apartment, what’s the point of going?
I’ve ended up staying in and ready to dig in to these crazy books I picked from the apartment.
I’ll start with the ‘Afterlife’ book. It seems like an easy read.
Still waiting on word from Saul.


I just woke up to a call from Saul in an absolute rage!
He had his meeting in London at the KWest Hotel and came out to find his driver giving an interview to a camera crew.
I think his driver is going to be fired in a minute.
There is a reporter called Georgia Lewis Anderson asking questions about my life. I wonder how much the driver knows.


I couldn’t even leave home yesterday. Saul told me to stay in and await his call while he it to the bottom of the interview fiasco.
I haven’t heard from him since. I’ve called several times. I hear a UK ringtone but no answer.
I need to know what the COA want with me.
Christian has called twice today. After the text message he sent me in the morning I didn’t even answer his call:
Enough with the all caps already… And what part of “I am going to kill Christian Chapman does he not understand?”
And what the hell kind of a team is he talking about? A Tom & Jerry or a Bonnie & Clyde?
More like a cheap version of Seinfeld & Kramer. Christian’s going to get the team he desires… Me, Arabella & Anthony. Murder, Death, Kill.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts