The Bullitts present Amelia Sparks’ Diary: Days 132-136

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Welcome to our (ir)regularly scheduled weekly installment of The Diary Of Amelia Sparks

The Bullitts story unfolds on on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here, Days 43-51 here, Days 52-58 here, Days 58-71 here, Days 72-92 here, Days 93-99 here, Days 100-108 here & Days 109-131 here).

Lucy Liu is joined by Idris Elba who plays the part of Saul Emmanuel.

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 132-136 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.

I’m just getting to sleep. Feeling relieved with the fact that for the first time in weeks, I actually feel tired.
Not because if stress, more so because my body clock has gone backwards almost by a full 24 hours. It’s evening out.
I sent Christian another batsign today. Just an email telling him that I think Joanne is in grave danger.
He never replied, but that doesn’t mean he is not biting the bait. I know I’m going to catch that fish soon enough.

Saul’s driver called me. Someone wearing a hood and sweatpants had been seen looking through the windows of Joanne’s place.
I knew that it must have been him. Like I said, I don’t believe in coincidences.
I raced to the apartment. I told the driver not to make a move until I got there.
The driver sent me a text:
“It is Christian. Joanne has opened the door. He has gone inside.”
I was in a taxi at this point. It couldn’t move fast enough. I told the taxi driver to step on it… He drove slower.
It took us 45 minutes to get there. I got out of the taxi and ran straight into the SUV.
The driver told me that Joanne and Christian had just left the apartment. He didn’t follow because she left Django behind… By himself.
He had sent his partner in to look after the baby until they see Joanne returning
Careless bitch.
We waited for two hours for Christian to return with Joanne. They did… Well, she did. Christian wasn’t with her.
The driver looked at me apologetically. It wasn’t his fault, what was he to do? Django was left behind.
I don’t know wether it was rage or just plain stupidity, but upon seeing Joanne I ram out of the vehicle toward her.
I told her:
“Don’t think you’ve got away with anything. I know you have something to so with this and as soon as I can prove it… You’re finished.
“Yeah? Well you’ll be finished long before me.”
That wasn’t even the shocker. It was what she said next:
“The only reason your friend Anthony didn’t get killed in Philly is because I told Christian to drag it out. Now leave my doorstep bitch.”
I now had one more person to add to my Kill List.

Everything changed. It was as if I was the cop who sat in front of Verbal Kint for hours, not knowing he was indeed Kaizer Soze.
I was stunned, shocked and speechless.
I called Saul and got a London dial tone. He is still there obviously. I left a barely coherent message.
I just wanted to know if Saul had known about Joanne’s self-claimed involvement in Christian’s activities.
I never spoke to Saul as expected. I spent the rest of the day in a bizarre, dislodged state.

Saul called me. He woke me up to tell me he has a fix on the driver. I was groggy from sleep so it didn’t make any sense.
There was complete dead air. I waited for Saul to call me back. He didn’t and I couldn’t get hold of him.
I’m used to it with Saul, so I was back to regularly scheduled programming…

Saul finally got hold of his driver. He found him giving another interview to the same reporter- Georgia Lewis Anderson.
Apparently Saul took the driver by surprise and disrupted the interview. He doesn’t know how much more information was given.
But Saul was emphatic about one thing…
He has to put a stop to Jeymes Samuel.
Meanwhile at home there wasn’t much change. Arabella is totally better now and can’t wait to get some revenge.
She smiled when I told her of Joanne’s confession. It was the smile of: “That’s all the reason I need.”
Anthony is still confused as to whether he wants to kill Christian… or whether he wants to be in a relationship with Arabella.
That lovestruck fool can’t hide his emotions… and believe me he is trying.
Arabella is none the wiser. Which is probably a good thing. Those two in a relationship will end up killing each other.
Prizzi’s Honor, The Postman Always Rings Twice and most other Jack Nicholson movies… We know how that story ends.
Things looked up when out of the blue I got a text from Christian… in all caps of course:
I was so relieved. A warm feeling came over me, reminiscent of the times I would be stressed and the voices would comfort me.
I replied:
“Thank you for your message Christian. It means so much to me, you have no idea. Now please come out of hiding so I can finally kill you.”
I never heard anything back. I knew I wouldn’t. Cowards loathe head on confrontations. But he is going to come up for air… Soon.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts