The Airplane Boys – ‘Brave New World’ Mixtape | Stream/Download


Toronto-repping musicians The Airplane Boys return with their ambitious third project, Brave New World, and the duo continue to create impressive music. The previously released “Her Fault,” “Tokyo” and “Never Know” are joined by seven new tracks with production from KMS, Spinz Beats Inc, KILO and The Theorist.

I describe their work as a mix of Drake and The Weeknd but they are more than just knockoffs and they continue to carve out their own niche. The duo often join heavy drums and synths with ambient keys and strings to give their sound a fleshed-out feel.

The download link is available below and connects to their website/blog which shows artwork for every single – for those who like meticulously adding the images into their iTunes like me. Give it a listen below.

DOWNLOAD: The Airplane Boys – Brave New World