Thavius Beck – The Heavens Bleed Sunshine EP | Stream x Download

Thavius Beck, may not be a household name, however, the producer is hoping to change that with his new EP The Heavens Bleed Sunshine. With a career that has gained several accolades from working with Saul Williams on his self-titled project as well as his well known project Niggy Tardust, Beck has also worked with Zack De La Rocha and Trent Reznor.

On the five-track EP, Beck takes listeners into his genre bending style of music which meshes together jazz, hip-hop and electro.  Being that Beck is already a respected producer within the jazz community, it allows him the opportunity to blend a wide range of instruments and sounds in his music.
The Heavens Bleed Sunshine, is available to buy here, and having Saul Williams as a co-sign, I’m pretty sure this will be a pretty interesting project as well as a good introduction to Beck for music listeners.

Listen To: Thavius Beck – The Heavens Bleed Sunshine EP

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