Terror Danjah ft Ruby – “Full Attention” | New Music

Legendary UK producer Terror Danjah has been making vocal bangers like this for the best part of a decade now. The man behind ground-breaking genre-classics like “Love Is Here To Stay” and “So Sure” (both of which featured a young Kano at his absolute best) tried to usher in the hybrid genre of R&G (that’s ‘Rhythm and Grime’) in the mid-noughties, to limited success. I honestly believe the scene (and UK mainstream more importantly) wasn’t ready for that back then. Now though, with female dubstep vocals a regular feature in the charts, R&G (or an updated sound with the same basic principles) might give the euro-dance-trash a run for its money.

Terror Danjah feat. Ruby – Full Attention

“Full Attention” is released in July.