Tamia talks Beautiful Surprise album, married life & living with multiple sclerosis | Music News

R&B singer Tamia recently sat down with the Huffington Post to speak about her new album Beautiful Surprise, how she maintains her marriage to athlete Grant Hill by being friends, her thoughts on VH1’s Basketball Wives, and her experiences dealing with autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis.


On the theme behind her new album, Beautiful Surprise: “It’s just sort of really [about] life’s beautiful surprises. There’ve been so many beautiful surprises in my life. And certainly I always want to look at the positive things in life, and I think that’s important for your mental health and your physical health to obviously keep things positive.

“But also in life there are so many beautiful surprises. And being able to be in this business for as long as I’ve been, and being able to have a healthy family and beautiful children and a great husband. Certainly we all have our ups and downs, but really doing something that I love, which is music, and have the fans really support me in that. So to me that’s what it was about, the beautiful surprise of life.”

On marriage: “I always say, “What works in one marriage may not work in the next. So definitely keep your eyes focused on your own relationship.” I think it’s important to understand that you guys are going to grow. Obviously, I’m not the same person that I was at 24, and he’s not the same person that he was. But we also together allowed each other to grow as well and stay connected at the same time. And I think that’s important. And obviously, communication is super important. And at the end of the day we just love being with each other and being really good friends.”

On Basketball Wives: “I think the perception is definitely not a reality. I think, to be fair, a lot of those women [on the show] aren’t wives. And I’m good friends with Shaunie. And as far as business is concerned, I applaud her, but I think that it’s definitely very misleading in terms of what our lives are about.

“I do have a lot of friends who are married to athletes, and a lot of these women are involved in charities, doing all kinds of things behind the scenes and are supportive wives, and — believe it or not — have supportive husbands who are really great guys. I think not only for the women, but I think it just paints a really bad picture about the men as well. I think for athletes in general, people are like, “Why would you want to marry an athlete?” And that goes back to what I was saying to you: what works in one person’s marriage, may not work in the next. So keep your eyes focused on yours! I guess it’s interesting TV, but it’s definitely not reality.

On living with multiple sclerosis: “I think the great thing for me is that I live in a house with an athlete. And Grant, if he’s already not, is going to be the oldest player in the NBA and he’s in tremendous shape. [Editor’s Note: Kurt Thomas is older than Hill by a slight margin.] So I think that’s an asset to me and I definitely learned a lot about taking care of your body and eating right and different philosophies on how to do that. So I think for me and maintaining my health and dealing with MS is sort of always tweaking it.

“I really look at the body as a symphony, and sometimes one instrument is playing out of key, and you have to go see what’s up with that and really fix it. It takes tweaking, it’s not always the same. I don’t always feel a certain way. But it’s sort of about staying connected with your body and eating well, and just remaining positive. As far as doctors and medicines are concerned, certainly do your research and see what works for you.”

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