Tamia – ‘Still’ (Country Version) | New Music

With her latest release, golden-throated lovebird Tamia gives her 2004 single “Still” some honkytonk swag.

According to Rap-Up, Tamia strapped her boots on, grabbed hardworking songwriter Claude Kelly and headed to Nashville to rehash the song with some of the Music City’s best country musicians. The song was slowed down a step, stripped of the Jermaine Dupri-laced bass of the original and transformed into an acoustic guitar-centered version that is much more delicate and airy — perfectly appropriate for a heartfelt tune about long-lasting love. And it was apparently recorded in one take, which is pretty impressive.

Oh, and it’s not “honkytonk” at all. That was just a joke. I think for a song to qualify as such it needs a fiddle. Or a harmonica. Or something like that. I went to college in Nashville but I can’t tell you a thing about country music. Sorry.

But I can tell you that this new rendition sounds pretty good and will appear on Tamia’s forthcoming album Beautiful Surprise, which drops August 28th.