Talib Kweli talks new album, ‘Attack The Block’ mixtape + more [Video]

Brooklyn, New York rapper Talib Kweli recently sat down with The Sermon’s Domain to discuss what he has in store for his fans in the near future. Touching on a part of his life outside of music, the rapper talks on owning a book store and how it helped influence his career in hip-hop.

The two go on to talk about his upcoming mixtape Attack The Block and why he has decided to put the project out ahead of his new album Prisoner of Conscious.

“I feel like the fans nowadays are so used to getting music for free and downloading music for free, that the best way that you could promote your album that you’re trying to sell, is to give them something,” Kweli explains.

“I have a lot of songs and music that I’ve done that I haven’t cleared the sample or I’ve got features that you know there’d be a lot of paperwork ad this and that so with a lot of that music that I have sitting around, before the album comes out, I was like let me just put some of that out and get the people, start a buzz and get the people aware of what I’m doing.”

Watch below as Talib Kweli talks on the features we can expect on both Prisoners Of Conscious and Attack The Block, plus more in the full interview.