Talib Kweli discusses his top 5 Brooklyn emcees with Snoop Lion [Video]


Chopping it up with Snoop Lion on his Double G News Network (GGN), Talib Kweli discusses the golden era of hip-hop, fatherhood, and who he deems to be the top five Brooklyn emcees.

Starting off by spitting a freestyle, Snoop and Kweli go on to chop it up about a few insightful subjects. Discussing bringing their kids around other emcees or entertainers, Kweli claims his son is a big Ab Soul fan yet when he got to work with him he wouldn’t introduce his son. With Snoop then laughing his high ass off, he goes on to tell Kweli about the time his son schooled him to Wiz Khalifa.

Besides discussing the real-life Uncle Ruckus, who appeared on the last episode of Snoop’s GGN, Kweli then breaks down his top five favourite Brooklyn emcees. Peep the video below to see who he names.