Tahiry – “Devil” | New Music

Following in the footsteps of fellow model and VH1 star Erica Mena, Love & Hip Hop’s Tahiry Jose has now dropped her very own single, titled “Devil”, in an attempt to break into the music industry and prove that she’s got more to offer than a hot body. However, if Tahiry wanted us to take her music seriously, this was not the track to release.

Famed for being the ex girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden and a recurring subject in a number of his songs, it seems the curvaceous reality TV star is giving Joe a taste of his own medicine and telling her side of their story in these lyrics. Through all the auto tune and weak vocals, what perhaps holds the listeners’ attention is Tahiry’s message – that she clearly still loves her old flame. And if you had any doubt, she even admitted in this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop that her turbulent romance with Joe “inspired” her to pen the track.

Check out “Devil” below and see if you’re a fan. Personally, I think she should leave the emotional music making to Mr Budden.