T.I. x Young Jeezy have ‘five or six’ records done for potential joint album | Music News

Should we call this Watch the Throne: South?

In a recent appearance on MTV’s RapFix Live, self-proclaimed King of the South T.I. revealed that he and Young Jeezy are considering joining forces for a full-length project.

“Me and Jeezy been talkin’ about doin’ this project for a minute,” T.I., clad in an interesting and very colorful sock/shoe combination, told Sway. “It wouldn’t take us long to do. We got records already in the can and it don’t take us no time to put it together. It’s just a matter of when they would be released.”

But before they could even consider a release date, the dynamic duo would have to iron out the logistics of properly getting the word out to ensure the project met the presumably high sales expectations. That, Tip says, would be the hardest part for the perpetually busy pair.

“It’s not the recording, the recording is easy. It’s a matter of when we would have time to market and promote ’em and release ’em,” he explains. “Between the two of us, we probably got five or six records.”

Outside of the potential Jeezy collabo, Tip says his primary focus is his Trouble Man LP set to drop in September and touches on the Man and the Martian project he’s working on with B.o.B. The typically apolitical (at least publicly) MC even weighs in on the gay marriage debate and tells the world whom he plans on voting for once his probation is lifted in a few months.

Check out the chat below.