Regardless of his persona on the streets, T.I. is undoubtedly a family man. If we had any doubts on this, in the run up to the launch of the reality TV show that will follow him and wife Tiny‘s life, he recently released a track which featured none other than his 10 year old son, Domani.

The new series follows the “King of the South” at his most vulnerable, as T.I. re-acclimates back into his life as a father, husband, son, musician, apparel magnate, businessman, actor and best-selling author (Power & Beauty).

During filming of a music video, the audience will catch a tender moment as T.I. teaches his son the importance of education and doing his school work. For the first time, fans will get to know T.I.’s children and see their reactions as they realize their father is a member of Hip Hop royalty… —VH1

“Tameka and I have a strong, loving family,” says T.I. “In this family documentary, you will see the challenges of raising children while balancing a career. It’s like a lot of families, only our home is in the spotlight.”

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle is set to premiere on VH1 on Monday the 5th of December at 10pm ET.