Szjerdene – “The System” | New Music

Szjerdene releases some new material in the form of her Tensei-produced track, “The System”.

Having released her Patchwork EP back in March of this year through label Wonderful Ear Records, “The System” comes with more of the mellifluous soul that she’s so so good at!

The North London hailing songstress flows over the velvety string-laden instrumental with her gentle spirited vocals and system-challenging songwriting. Stream/download “The System” and peep the lyrics below.


Feel a little numb you see – doesn’t phase me
Walking away, Walking away – Look at me walking away
Ethereal chemistry’s gonna save me
Flying away, flying away – Look at me flying away

Elixir of grandeur you tried to deceive me
You must be mistaken – no soul for sale here
I took a sip and now I’m over it
Pick up your pace – you’re moving sidewards
Go and multiply or start a fire in the system

Blinking, analyzing shapes, shifting right before my eyes
Poison, filters through the air, dispersing like a silent sigh
Paralyzed, I stood still – there was nothing new to see
Motionless, I’ve been through this before so don’t lecture me.

Chorus 2
This is no rehearsal – you know we can’t stay here
Jump aboard my spaceship lets fly away from here
So take a sip but don’t overdose
Sober minds needed we don’t want you comatose
So strike a match and start a fire in the system.

Automated indicators take a minute to decipher where we are Conversation taking place discussing where we’re gonna go from here

Chorus 3
Masters of illusion take a bow before us
Have a look around you – no more disguises here
Free now – your mind’s uncontrolled
Find a space we’re moving forward
Its okay to start a fire in the system