SWV – “Co-Sign” | New Music

Yes, it’s true. Your eyes are not deceiving you…Them Sisters With Voices, SWV are back with some newness for your ears with this track “Co-Sign”.

Coko, Taj and Lelee sound in fine voice with this track featuring throwback drum programming set against an electric piano vamp, which actually strays very little from their old sound, yet still doesn’t sound dated at all.

I for one, am glad that when I pressed play on this track I wasn’t greeted with a Euro synth backed by a house beat with autotuned R&B vocals over it and that SWV have stuck to the essence of R&B that they flew the flag for in their era.

There are shades of “I’m So Into You” on this track, especially the beginning of the chorus, but that’s never a bad thing in my eyes. Press play below!

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