Sway – Road To Deliverance: Episode 2 | Vlog Series

In case you have been stuck under a rock… #SwayBack. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, award winning British Hip Hop artist Sway is back on the scene after taking some what of a long hiatus to record his new album, The Deliverance, and see to his record label Dcypha Productions. To say “Sway returned with a bang” would be a slight understatement as last four weeks ago, the North London bred emcee dropped the highly anticipated sequel to his UK Rap classic “Up Your Speed”, entitled “Still Speeding“. Ten days later the emcee then unleashed its the almost Interweb crashing remix to featuring non other than Grime legend Kano.

Keeping up his Internet and blogosphere onslaught, Sway has decided to document the journey he made during the recording of his often delayed but still highly anticipated forthcoming album for his new vlog series, “Road To Deliverance”. A few weeks back he released first episode of the series, now the emcee is back once again with the second  installment which see Sway taking new press shots for the marketing campaign of The Deliverance and preparing to record vocals for “Still Speeding”. Enjoy!

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