Sunny & Gabe – ‘Free Candy’ | Album Stream

free candy

As we near the end of summer, Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe refresh our spirits with a stream and free download of their debut project, Free Candy – with a little pop, a little Hip-Hop and a little mystery that it makes it quite hard to place them in a single genre.

Made up of members Sunny Gicz and Gabe Niles, the pair bring a vibrant sound, much like their colourful artwork created by Nichole Ashikis, to life in 10 tracks. Odd Future‘s Mike G and emcee Ced Hughes make appearances on the album, adding a different vibe, and all in all Free Candy is a smooth listen filled with hazy hypnotising sounds that make it easy to sit back and relax.

Stream the album below and click here to download.

[via P&P]