Sunday Soundtrack: Method Man ft D’angelo – “BreakUps To Make Up”

“You and I till the day we die…”

Picture the scene: November 1998, an — year old me with a backpack full of CDs liberated from BMG after stapling what seemed like a million poster boards for my street team gig, arrives at a local (Insert CD retailer name) to exchange my ill gotten stack of discs for my weekly new hip hop fix.

The only CD I wanted that week was Method Man’s Tical 2000: Judgement day!
After listening to “Judgement Day” a million and one times on vinyl (And writing several verses to the instrumental) I needed this CD in my discman asap.
So upon finishing my illegal exchanges, I didnt even wait till I left the store before I ripped open the packaging and frantically inserting CD into discman for a hit of some audio crack.

I was bugging!!
This album was crazy hard no skipping..and then about 30minutesish into listening I get to the Trackmasters produced joint…
Those strings kicked in..
Then the that 1st verse…
“Ex-girlfriend, how you been?
I see you still trying to fuck with other women men,
remember when I first met you in my cousin’s house,
a week later we was fucking on your momma couch…”


Pause…Rewind…Click on repeat..Play

This time I get to D’angelo‘s chorus..

Pause…Rewind…Play again

To this day I don’t think I’ve even listened to the rest of that album past “BreakUps To Make Up”!


P.S. I’m not encouraging falsely exchanging goods in any retail store. lol