Sunday Soundtrack: Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long

At 2:45am this Sunday morning I was stood in London’s Bungalow 8 with some good people, the DJ was winding up the set and he put on one of my favourite tunes ever – Mary Jane Girls’ “All Night Long”.

The sassy R&B/funk girl group Mary Jane Girls were proteges of Rick James and found relative success in the 80s before disbanding in 1987. They released “All Night Long” from their self-titled debut LP in 1983. Mary J Blige delivered a dope rendition, “Mary Jane (All Night Long)” on her 1995 album My Life, but in my opinion the original still obliterates it. From the instrumentation to the sultry tones, brazen lyrics and harmonies, “All Night Long” is what lazy Sundays (or Sunday morning club wind-down sets) should be made of!

Disclaimer added: I, Tahirah fully jacked this week’s Sunday Soundtrack from Versetti. Pow!

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