Suge Knight: ‘Pac’s really not dead’ | Music News

Suge Knight isn’t convinced Tupac is dead.

At least that’s what he seemed to be saying at one point in an in-depth interview with Los Angeles radio station KDAY yesterday morning. The former Death Row CEO touched on a number of topics during the chat, including his happiness, his current relationship with some of his former Death Row artists, his opinion of Rick Ross and Tupac’s recent holographic appearance at Coachella. Most explosively, he speculated on whether Tupac is still alive and alleges that Diddy had some involvement in the MC’s 1996 shooting.

Don’t know if Suge was reeling from the effects of celebrating both the Smoker’s Holiday and his birthday (which was on the 19th), but this interview got pretty interesting.

“Maybe the question is, ‘Pac’s really not dead,” Knight said out of left field. “I mean it’s the truth if you really look at it. … Nobody seen Tupac dead. The person who supposedly cremated Tupac — his mother wanted it done quickly if he passed — this guy got about three million dollars cash and the next thing I know I never seen him again.”

It was hard to tell if Knight was serious with this claim, but that made it no less shocking considering Knight was sitting next to Tupac that fateful night on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Later in the interview, Knight implicated the Bad Boy CEO in the (attempted?) murder.

“People know what happened at the end of the day. Puffy was already there, Biggie was there; the hit was already paid for to kill Tupac,” he said.

About the hologram that appeared on stage alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre at Coachella, Knight said that people getting the opportunity to see Tupac was “great.” Then he gave his opinion on rumors swirling that the hologram may go on tour and said Dre and Snoop aren’t the ones who should do that.

“If anybody’s gon’ go out there and have ‘Pac on tour, it should be The Outlawz with Tupac on tour promoted by Suge Knight,” he said, referring to the group Tupac founded a year before his death.

Knight also spoke on Rick Ross, who appeared on Meek Mill‘s street banger “Tupac Back,” an apparent ode to the late MC, last year. Knight says that while he didn’t have anything negative to say about the MMG boss, he does have a problem with his close affiliation with Diddy.

“He does do good music, you can’t take that from him. … It might be somebody else’s story he’s writing, but he’s writing it,” Knight said in a very backhanded compliment. “At the same time, I think it’s a line you cross and Rick Ross crossed the line. If you gonna be with the guy who promotes he killed Tupac, you can’t turn around and do a record sayin’ ‘Tupac back.’ … This is the dude who really supposed to have had something to do with Tupac gettin’ killed.”

Knight went on to say that he’d “beat the dog shit” out of Ross and that the two should fight UFC-style with the loser having to cut his beard.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty wild interview.

Check it out below and hear more about the above topics, why Knight wasn’t at Nate Dogg’s funeral and more.

Listen: Suge Knight on 93.5 KDAY w/ Tattoo and Cece (4/20/2012)