Sugar Hill Gang to reunite for new album and documentary | Music News

Famed for their 1979 hit “Rappers Delight,” the iconic Sugar Hill Gang are said to be working on their first new album in more than ten years; this will be the group’s fifth album following 1999’s Jump On It! LP.

The Hip Hop group will also be the subject of a documentary entitled I Want My Name Back produced by Roger Paradiso, who explained in a recent interview that their involvement will also address the issues the group have had to deal with while in the industry, including legal woes and financial problems.

“They’re working on a new album and have been for a while,” Paradiso recently told AllHipHop. “They got so disillusioned during their first experience. If that song [“Rapper’s Delight”] happened today, they’d be set for life. But they are living a very modest life.”

“Their recording career came to an end not really because they wanted to, but they were under such a bad contract… They started touring and started learning how they were getting ripped off.”

“When their contract came up, they got legal advice, and they tried to negotiate a better contract and the label didn’t want to. They had no publishing control and they certainly weren’t paid correctly on the royalty side.”

Stay tuned for updates.