Styles P x Jadakiss discuss their often delayed LOX album [Video]

You know that feeling you get when Dr. Dre talks about the release of The Detox, when Nas talks about working with Premo and AZ, when someone mentions Dizzee Rascal and Wiley mending their friendship and Lupe Fiasco releasing a new mixtape? Yeah… that’s exactly how I feel whenever I hear anyone talk about the release of a new LOX album. However, Styles P and Jadakiss recently sat down with MTV to talk about the troubles they run into that has caused their LONG awaited album to be delayed for well over decade… YES A DECADE!!

Disclaimer… US residents can ONLY watch this video.

Dear, why do you insist on making the majority of your video content only available to US residents? The Interwebs is one big place… share and share a like…. No?

[via 2DopeBoyz]