Styles P – “I Know” | New Music

Styles P has his sights set on the streets and on his latest track “I Know” he shares what he sees with us.

The song might start off with a few confessional raps over piano keys but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Almost as soon as the grimy beat unfolds, the Yonkers MC hits full throttle and bombards us with layer upon layer of street knowledge. Before you can say “Ghost” he’s reached the hook, a repetitive, relentless retort of  “I know the coke game, I know the dope game, I know the shooter that jacked boy you’re old game, I know the fast cars, I know the fast hoes, I know the n*****s that hustle and get fast dough.”

If it stays in your head it’s probably because all these images stay with Styles. Although knowledge is power, it can also be a burden.

Have a listen below:

The track will probably appear on Styles’ forthcoming project The World’s Most Hardest MC. You can purchase the single on iTunes.

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