Steve Arrington x DāM-FunK – “Good Feeling” | New Music

Former Slave singer Steve Arrington and Pasadena, California based funk musician DāM-FunK have joined forces to craft Higher, a project which recently saw release through Stones Throw records. Taste the album’s “Good Feeling” with a spaced out number from the newly formed duo, which should bring many back to the golden age of funk with a classic yet contemporary electro twist.

Set for CD and vinyl release later this year, the 14-track Higher LP is out now – purchase via Stones Throw or iTunes, read about how the project came together here, and enjoy “Good Feeling” below.


1. I Be Goin Hard
2. Tap That
3. Magnificent
4. Good Feeling
5. I Be Trippin’
6. I Love This Music
7. Higher
8. Do You Feel Me
9. The Way I Feel About You
10. Blow Your Mind
11. Hear Me Knockin’
12. Galactic Funtionals
13. For The Homies (PB Wolf Edi)
14. Crazy in Here! (CD/Digital Bonus)