With every man and his dog jumping on the “Started From The Bottom” bandwagon by creating their own version of the hugely popular Drake record, it now looks like even video game characters are getting on it – as Nathan Drake, the lead character from the Naughty Dog created Uncharted video game, takes on the rap alter ego of Mr. GOTY (Game of the Year).

With a Twitter account set up stating “Official Twitter account for rapper Nathan Drake. Kratos With A Gun. #FirstPartyFamily, #NaughtyDog,” GOTY has created a track and video titled “Started From Uncharted” that parodies the Drake record “Started From The Bottom.” Spitting the lyrics, “Started from Uncharted, now we here/ Started from Uncharted, now I’m Mr. Game of the Year,” and, “I was making everything my own/ But the critics called me Gears mixed with Indiana Jones,” the comical offering actually comes off sounding like a well structured update to the “Started From The Bottom” remixes.

With a video that features cameos from the likes of Uncharted‘s Elena Fisher and God of War‘s Kratos, the video even mimics the original Drake video skit that originally saw two of Drake’s homies try and mack on a female supermarket customer. Fans of both Drake and video games in general will enjoy the efforts of Nathan Drake, as well as the video’s creator Malik Forte.