Stalley unveils “A-Wax” from new mixtape ‘Honest Cowboy’ | New Music


Stalley today unveils “A-Wax”, the latest track from his forthcoming mixtape, Honest Cowboy.

Sounding like a song straight out of a movie, the track starts with a short dialogue from Menace II Society, followed by the hook, which happens to be a high-pitched sample from Wiz Khalifa in “On My Level.” Frequent collaborators Block Beattaz provided the film-like layout for Stalley’s confident lyrics in “A-Wax.”

The Ohio hailing Maybach Music Group member, will be releasing Honest Cowboy on August 8, but for now listen to the new cut below…

Also below, Stalley discusses the project’s inspiration and the meaning behind the title in the Honest Cowboy mixtape trailer.