Sponsored Video: Let the Mariachi Doritos add some flavor to your fiesta! #Ad

You’re planning a social gathering. You’ve got the menu laid out, the decorations in order and the guest list checked and double-checked, but it still needs… something. Something intangible, something fun, something one-of-a-kind. Your party needs some pop. Your shindig needs some shine. Your soiree needs some swagger.

Have no fear, the Mariachi Doritos are here – and they can’t wait to add some flavor to your fiesta!

Led by el head honcho Big Sal, the Mariachi Doritos are five amigos on a mission, scouring the UK in search of to-dos to do their thing to.

Confused? Well, here’s a bit more explanation: These muchachos are the baddest band in any land, specializing in rolling up on plain-ol’ parties and transforming them into epic, unforgettable events.

OK – perhaps “epic” is an overstatement, but they definitely show up and infuse something into your gathering that it’s probably seriously lacking: pure, uncut Machismo. (Especially Limber, the accordion player. That guy’s a chick magnet!)

Sal, Limber, Juan, Roberto and Farman are currently on tour, hand-delivering their unique brand of music — which can only be described as the coolest, sexiest blend of pop classics played in Mariachi style that you will ever hear in your natural life — to needy parties across the country.

If your bash, BBQ, banquet or blowout could use a boost (and, honestly, whose couldn’t?) you can enter the competition for a chance to have these hombres rock up and rock out, MEXICAN STYLE.

Find out more about the contest and the Mariachi Doritos on their official Facebook page, and check out the video below to see the gang in action.

Sponsored by Walkers.