SpaceGhostPurrp f/ Ethelwulf, Young Simmie, Chris Travis x Dough Dough – “King of Diamonds” | New Music

The last thing I heard from SpaceGhostPurrp was titled “Whole Latta Ice” and it put a shiver down my spine; this new release from his forthcoming album Sex, Money & Drugs doesn’t impact quite as hard, but simmers along menacingly for eight minutes, guided by a simple synthpad sequence.

King of Diamonds” features several members of SGP’s Raider Klan, and whilst Purrp’s voice carries the most charisma, Young Simmie, Ethelwulf, Chris Davis and Dough Dough all keep the track moving in its sinister, nihilistic direction. Each member briefly steps to the mic for a short verse before their voice fades away, and the instrumental, centred on a distorted, distant hook and the aforementioned chords, is happy to carry on without them.  It’s an interesting structure more than it is a lyrical exercise, and the beat is King of them all.

Listen for yourself below: