SpaceGhostPurrp – ‘Black Swamp’ (Instrumental) | New Music

It wasn’t too long ago when Raider Klan frontman and driving force in the Trillwave genre-come-movement SpaceGhostPurrp released his official debut album, Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp, on the UK indie 4AD, but the chilling conductor sees fit to unleash some new material. Tangling together sequences of warped bass stabs, punishing kicks and a backdrop of mesmerising keys, SGP presents yet more soundtrack material for your worst nightmares with his “Black Swamp” instrumental.

Take a listen below (not at night, and definitely not with the lights off) and hit the download link if think you can brave it. Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp is out now.

Listen: SpaceGhostPurrp – ‘Black Swamp’ (Instrumental)