SpaceGhostPurrp – 4AD Session [Video]

Florida born rapper, producer and Raider Klan Mafia leader SpaceGhostPurrp is the latest subject of 4AD’s performance series, presenting 3 tracks from his recently released Mysterious Phonk album.
Watch the video after the jump.

Taking place in late Spring at Brooklyn Fire Proof in Williamsburg (an arts complex named to honour Brooklyn Fire Proof Sash and Door Company, a factory that had thrived at it’s location at the turn of the last century), this 4AD Session is the third to be shot by director Robert Semmer. Revisiting three tracks from Mysterious Phonk, the intention of the shoot was to capture an intimate portrait of an artist who to date has favoured a more low key profile. Taking cues from the shadowy intrigue of Purrp’s own Raider Klan collective, the rapper/producer is fore-grounded against a smoke-flecked backdrop, its monochrome intensity in-keeping with the claustrophobic nature of the music. Addressing the camera directly with a compelling intensity, the fully mic’d room details his lucid, hypnotic verses. A flexible approach to language – both written and spoken – is key to Purrp’s aesthetic and the session highlights his interest in phonetics, the sound of the words themselves as important as their meaning. The result is syrup-thick head music, that nods to hip hop fore fathers, but also leans against conventions to formulate his own murky universe. Consequently it’s unlike any 4AD Session to date.

1. Mystikal Maze
2. Get Yah Head Bust
3. Don’t Give A Damn