Space Age (Little Simz x Chuck20 x Josh Arcé) – “Hadouken” | New Music

Space Age Hadouken

Following their collaborative efforts on Little SimzBlank Canvas mixtape (“3000x” and “Problems”), Young North London collective Space Age’s rapping members reconnect for the adrenaline-fueled “Hadouken”.

Little Simz, Chuck20 and Josh Arcé kidnap Balistiq‘s “DOY!” and utilise riot inciting instrumental to deliver an impressive lyrical assault, which will definitely grab them some new fans and keep the SPACE movement going in an upwards direction.
Press play below…

Listen To: Space Age (Little Simz x Chuck20 x Josh Arcé) – “Hadouken”

Look out for new solo projects from Little Simz, Josh Arcé and Chuck20 in 2014, which will be followed by a Space Age compilation project later in the year.