Soulja Boy remixes Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” | New Music


Ok, we see how this is going now.

It’s only been a couple of days since Drake unexpectedly dropped the first single, “Started From The Bottom,” from his upcoming album, and already this is the second remix from a rapper we’ve seen.

Earlier Wiz Khalifa remixed the joint by adding a pretty solid verse onto the end of the song, and with a few more hours at hand SODMG’s Soulja Boy has gone ahead and laid down new verses for the whole track.

Keeping Drake’s chorus on the song, Soulja Boy doesn’t necessarily talk about how he started from the bottom and instead talks about where he’s at right now, using it as yet another oppurtunity to boast about his wealth with lyrics like, “Y’all aint getting money, y’all aint getting stacks / Fuck a 100k, where ya millions at?”

Check out the new remix below.