Behind-the-Scenes of Jesse Boykins III “Amorous” Video | SoulCulture TV Exclusive

What do you do when you’re stuck in London due to volcanic ash? You make a music video.

The final music video to be released from Jesse Boykins III‘s well-received debut, The Beauty Created, SoulCulture TV were on location in London last month with the Brooklyn-based singer as Dr. Woo directed the visuals for listeners’ favourite, “Amorous”.

Let us take you behind the scenes…

Filmed and Edited by RizeOfTheRobotz for SoulCulture.

“Glad to say I was able to shoot “Amorous” in London. It being a fan favorite, I’m happy to say I will be ending The Beauty Created visuals with this video,” Jesse says. “It’s definitely a moment in my career that I want to be a memory in all my fans and listeners mind. It’s also a thank you to all my supporters and a hello to new fans. Shouts to for helping with finding location and for putting up with my random freestyles. Enjoy. Amorous COMING SOON  #WORLDLOVE”

The official “Amorous” music video premieres online on Monday May 3rd, 2010 @ x

‘Amorous’ Screenshots:

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