Sony to cease production of MiniDisc players | Tech


Sony have announced that they are going to winding down production of MiniDisc stereo systems in March, after 20 years of the format that was often overlooked outside of Japan.

As MusicWeek reports, the technology company will continue to sell MiniDisc cartridges for the “next few years” and continue to provide repair and customer services for purchasers of MiniDisc players. Sony ended production of it’s own portable MiniDisc players back in 2011, having sold around 22 million units.

Introduced back in 1992, the format didn’t see much popularity in the West until the late 1990’s, though it’s prominence in the market was short-lived after the rise of mp3 players.

Though the MiniDisc may have gone the way of the dodo other ageing (and more appreciated) formats have done well in recent years, with vinyl sales up for the fifth year in a row and cassette sales seeing a surge last year, with 3,823 albums bought on the format according to data from the Official Charts Company.