Solar announces Jazzmatazz touring band, says ‘Guru just might be smiling’ | Music News

Two years after becoming persona non grata in the Hip-Hop world for actions following the death of respected MC Guru of Gang Starr fame, 7 Grand Records producer Solar has reemerged with news of a new touring jazz band named after Guru’s long-running album series Jazzmatazz, according to AllHipHop.

Solar, musician David Scott and former members of 80s rock band Living Colour Doug Winbush and Will Calhoun comprise the new Jazzmatazz band; and while there will likely be some controversy over Solar’s use of the Jazzmatazz brand Guru built, the producer says his use of it is a tribute to the fallen MC.

“Jazzmatazz was Guru’s at first but when I joined, Jazzmatazz became our pride and joy,” Solar said in a statement. “I hope to rekindle that pride, that joy and by doing touring, I’m carrying on Guru’s legacy. I think it is a fitting tribute to my brother from another mother and to the fans who have been wondering about Jazzmatazz since his passing.”

Around the time of Guru’s death from cancer in 2010, Solar’s credibility was brought into question on multiple occasions.

First, people were curious as to why Solar and not Guru’s family had power of attorney over Guru’s affairs when he fell ill.

Then, Guru’s family alleged that Solar kept them from seeing Guru in the hospital following the heart attack that preceded his coma. Solar steadfastly denied this claim.

After Guru’s passing, a letter the MC allegedly wrote while on his deathbed was released to the public. Eyebrows raised when, after Guru spoke to his fans and mentioned his nonprofit organization, the letter began showering praise on Solar and denouncing longtime friend and partner in Gang Starr, DJ Premier. The letter was dismissed by many as a hoax cooked up by Solar to place himself in a better light, but Solar contended that those were indeed Guru’s words.

Quite frankly, most didn’t believe him.

The animus around the Hip-Hop community was high, with message boards flooding with anti-Solar posts, Guru’s fellow MCs speaking out against the producer, and even a “” website being established.

After the uproar, Solar quickly fell out of the public eye and had stayed there until now.

As for the Jazzmatazz band, Solar says they’re still looking for members and guarantees that listeners are in for a one-of-a-kind experience.

“It’s a music and culture mix – a concert like no other,” he says in the statement. “I also get to honor Guru – just by getting Jazzmatazz back on tour.”

“With Jazzmatazz’ 20th anniversary next year, Guru just might be smiling over the fact we will be playing out live again.”

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