Solange Knowles – “Sleep In The Park” | New Music

Well damn, isn’t the day just bursting at the seams with music? Having unveiled her colourful new video for “Losing You,” shot in Cape Town whilst out there for a Elle South Africa cover shoot, sitting pretty on the B-side of Solange‘s new single is “Sleep In The Park.”

I love the ’80s sensibilities Solange exudes through her melodies, instrumentation and lyrics; they stick in your mind for all the right reasons… and make me throw intriguing shapes you’ll never see, from the comfort of my chair. Would love to hear a Little Dragon remix, or Miguel rock out on this with her.

Currently working on her third album, following 2008’s Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, Solange’s new single “Losing You”/”Sleep In The Park” is out now through Terrible Records – take a listen below + buy here.

Listen: Solange Knowles – “Sleep In The Park”